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A600 Lead free reflow oven

Heating System

>SIX groups of top and bottom forced hot air convection heating zones.

> Patented heating plates in each zone uniformly transfer heat to the PCBs using forced hot air convection.

> Independent temperature control in each zone to ensure temperature uniformity within the process tunnel.

> Power consumption savings of 1/3 as compared to other systems.

> Patented motorized blower in each zone is designed to ensure stable air pressure, withstand high process temperature and is disturbance-free.

> Audible and light tower alarm for temperature limits and blower malfunction.

> Fast start-up (within 20 minutes) from room temperature to work temperature due to the high efficiency of the motorized heating plates.

Cooling System

> Two (2) groups of air fans convection cooling zones.

> Mesh belt conveyor system  

> Closed-loop computer control of the conveyor provides a precise and repeatable reflow process.

Control System

> PC control system with windows based control software.

>Lenove Computer and Siemens PLC

Additional Features

> Integrated UPS will be automatically activated in case of main power failure and will keep control PC and conveyor running for minimum 5 minutes to send out PCBs inside the oven tunnel.

> Three (3) profiling ports and integrated profiling software are designed for convenient temperature profiling.

> Swing arm control PC station

> Two (2) emergency stop switches

> Two (2) exhaust ports


Specifications A-600(Mid-sized 6-Zone)


Outside Dimension(L*W*H) : 3600x720x1250mm

Standard Color : Computer Grey

Weight : Approx.420KG

Number Of Heating Zones : Up6/Bottom6

Length Of Heating Zones : 2300mm

Exhaust Volume : 10M3/minx2 Exhausts

Standard Feature Of Control System

Electric Supply Required : 3phase,380V 50/60Hz                                                            

Power For Warm : UP 11KW

Power Consumption : 4KW

Warming Time : Approx.20 minute

Temp. Setting Range : Room Temp. ---  300℃

Temperature Control Method : PID Close Loop Control + SSR Driving

Temperature Control Precision : ± 1.0℃

Temperature Deviation on PCB : ± 1.5℃  (by MR Board Test Standard)

Heating Element  : Especial Heating elements For Long Life ;                                     

Commutated Element  : Aluminium Alloy Plate  

Max. Temp. Gap Between Preheat & Reflow Setting  : 80℃

Max. Temp. Gap Between Preheat Zones Setting : 40℃

Max. Temp. Gap Between Reflow Zones Setting  : 50℃

Abnormal Alarm : Abnormal Temperature (Extra-high / Extra-low Temp.)

Board Dropped Alarm : Tower Light: Yellow–Warming; Green-Normal; Red-Abnormal

Features Of Conveyor System

Rail Number : 0 Lane (With Rail is Option)

Max.Width Of PCB : 290mm (Option:410mm )

Components Clearance : Top/ Bottom Clearance of PCB is 20mm

Converyor Direction : L→R (Option: R→L)

Fixed Rail Side(With Rail) : Front Rail Fixed(Option:Rear Rail Fixed)

Transmission Agent(With Rail) : Air-Reflow =  Chain + Mesh ,    N2-Reflow=Chain(Mesh is option)

Converyor Height : 900+/-20mm

Converyor Speed Range : 300~2000mm/min

Temp. Thermocouple Slot  : Standard

On Line Editing  : Standard

Cooling Method  : Forced-Air   (Standard)


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I.C.T is a manufacturer from China that offers SMT, DIP, PCBA conformal coating equipment and turnkey solution.

Dongguan, Guangdong, China


  • Phone +86 13670124230

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