Fuji CP6/7 feeder


Fuji CP6/7 feeder


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Hong Kong

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Top Wisdom Technology Ltd.

Brand new Fuji CP6/7 & IP/QP  feeder (original Japan) available in stock.

8x4 E BFE0804-1.8 (IP/QP)=10pcs.

8x4 E WE0804(2.5)180 (CP6) =20pcs.

8x4 E13"  KJE0804 (CP7) =34pcs.

12x4 E 13" KJE1204 (CP7)=52pcs.

12x8 E 13" KJE1208 (CP7) =44pcs.

12x12 E 13" KJE1212 (CP7) =98pcs.

16x4 E 13" KJE1604 (C{P7) =50pcs.

16x8 E 13" KJE1608 (CP7) =42pcs.

16x12 E 13" KJE1612 (CP7) =49pcs.

W72 Motor Feeder 72mm FMB-72E (KDE) (IP/QP)=10pcs.


Please feel free to contacus for more details.

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Top Wisdom Technology Ltd.

Buy and sell Used SMT equipment, parts & feeder

Hong Kong, China

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