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Novacam Technologies MicroCam-3D Profilometer

Novacam Technologies MicroCam-3D Profilometer

Novacam Technologies MicroCam-3D Profilometer


Novacam Technologies MicroCam-3D Profilometer


Visual Inspection

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Quebec, Canada

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Novacam Technologies Inc.

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MicroCam™ fiber-based optical non-contact 3D profilometers deliver:

  • High-Speed Non-Contact Surface and Cross-Sectional Inspection

  • 3D Online Measurements and Imaging

  • Long Stroke Profilometry with Sub-Micron Resolution

  • Thickness, Roughness and Vibration Measurements

  • Fiber-based Probes which reach into Bores, Tubes, and Crevices


  • Features the greatest imaging depth with excellent sensitivity at affordable price.

Metrology Applications

  • Typical measurements

  • Thickness: single-layer or multilayer films, coatings

  • Surface roughness: surface characterization, flatness, and more

  • Volume loss: component wear or other damage

  • High-aspect-ratio features: steps, holes, grooves, channels

  • Hard-to-reach spaces: interiors of bores, small aperture tubes, etc.

  • Profilometry in hostile environments: radioactive, cryogenic, very hot

  • Long stroke profiles

  • Thickness of non-transparent materials

3D metrology and imaging for industry and R&D

  • Quality control

  • Online 3D production inspection

  • Statistical process control SPC

  • R&D

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Company Information:

Manufacturer of non-contact 3D measurement systems based on low coherence interferometry technology. Products include optical profilometers, OCT systems, and metrology software.

Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

Consultant / Service Provider

  • Phone 514-694-4002

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