Flextek 2100

Flextek 2100

Flextek 2100


Flextek 2100






Kentucky, USA

Offered by:

EAS Inc.

Manufacturer: Flextek

Model Number: 2100

Dimensions (in.): 26 Length: 26 Width: 48 Height: Est. Weight: 250 Pounds

Input Power: 100/240Volts: 1 Phase: 50/60 Hertz: 50 Watts

Features: Programmable Acceleration and Deceleration Ramping

Parameters and 0.005 in. Incremental Positioning Accuracy

18 in. Adjustable Width Conveyor

Front Fixed Edge Rail, In-Line Integration, SMEMA

Asset Number: 5132

Company Information:

EAS Inc.

EAS provides both Pre-Owned and New Equipment sales to the PCB Industry. SMT and PTH Equipment Service, Support, Installations and Training is also provided.

Owingsville, Kentucky, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

  • Phone 859-749-8948
  • Fax 859-520-3212

EAS Inc. website

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