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GLICHN lead free wave solder machine

GLICHN lead free wave solder machine

GLICHN lead free wave solder machine


GLICHN lead free wave solder machine


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Beijing Glichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd

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1 solder type Lead free

2 max PCB 50—200mm

3 Components height Above ≤130mm under ≤8mm

4 Capacity 100KG

5 Preheating length 600mm

6 temperature

accuracy ±2

7 spray way Foam

8 temperature range room - 300

9 wave height 0—8mm, keep balance wave crest

10 heating controlling PID

11 speed 0—1800mm/min

12 start power/normal

power 12KW/6KW

13 Power supply 380V 3 phase 50HZ

14 preheating

temperature room—260℃

15 Width adjust Manual adjusting

16 Transmit angle 3-8

17 Direction right→left (left→right optional )

18 controlling accuracy Taiwan motor

19 Weight (Kg) 250KG

20 Dimension 1400*1000*1500MM

it is 2100mm when the machine include loading and

cooling system.


Flux spray system

A function of flux spray device

1 nozzle: Japan nozzle ST-6, better spray;

2 air system: AIRTAC electromagnetism valve, anti-corrosive pipe

3 moving nozzle system: air cylinder driven, spray speed and spray width can be adjusted by handle.

4 filtration flux system: collecting device is made of multi collecting lay, it is convenient to clean.

5 flux controlling: anti-corrosive controlling flux and display flux.

B Function of flux foam device

With foam function, inner foam pump, it don’t need outer air supply, it is

convenient to spray flux.

Preheat system:

1 preheat length: 600mm

2 preheating temperature range: room temperature—260℃

3 controlling way: with PID controlling to make welding process.

4 Heat: infrared heating, temperature uniformity, rapid speed, PID supply heat.

5 Preheating security: surface temperature is lower than fire point of flux.

6 Heat power: total power is 12 kw, normal is 6 kw;

7 Preheat: it can meet preheating need of batch PCB welding, uniformity

temperature, small temperature differences of PCB.

Welding system features:

1 Tin pot material: 316 stainless steel

2 Capacity: 100kg double wave crest capacity

3 Tin pot temperature room temperature ——300℃ adjusted;

4 Height range of wave crest: 0—12mm adjustment and keep wave crest balance.

5 Power consumption (heater): 6kw, uniformity heat, long life. It will take 1 hour to melt tin. This can save 6kw during melting tin and save 3kw during constant temperature.

6 Unique spray: double wave crest design, with unique flat wave which is stable and reduce SMD leaking solder.

7 Heat controlling system: PID control, accuracy is ±2

8 Moving tin pot: in and out can be finished by hand.

9 Motor of wave crest: import motor, running stable.

10 Tin pipe: screw thread stem

Cooling system

1 Cooling motor: unique cooling design, it can achieve import device effect.

Transmission system

1 chain: stainless steel chain, anti-corrosive,


2 rail system: special strong aluminum

3 speed: 0—1800mm/min

4 accuracy: motor is from Taiwan, it is easy to adjust and maintain.

Controlling system

1 buttons on the panel: manual/ automatic control, speed can be set, temperature can be display.

2 protect short circuit: with short circuit protection, with Sanling air switch protection in main power and tin pot of preheating zone, with fuse power in controlling system.

3 urgent stop protection: there are 2 urgent stop protection in the machine, please cut off power in urgent condition.

4 whole machine controlling: relay controlling.

5 transmission speed: Taiwan motor makes sure stable speed.

6 wave crest: Taida transducer makes wave crest flatter.

7 over-current protection: over-current protection with transducer, it will cut off power when current is over to make motor safe.

8 modularization wiring device: there are main wiring modularization and controlling modularization.

Company Information:

Beijing Glichn S&T Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and supplier for SMT and PCBA since 2011. Main machines include reflow oven, pick and place, wave soldering machine, solder paste printer.

Beijing, China


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