Evest EM-780L

Evest EM-780L

Evest EM-780L


Evest EM-780L


Pick and Place/Feeders

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The Highest C/P Ratio Mounter

With Better Efficiency and Better

Mounting Quality

CPH 23,000 (IPC 9850) 8 Heads P&P System

Up to 1200mm Long Board

60/120 Feeder Lanes

EVEST EM series SMT pick/place machines are targeted towards low-medium volume manufacturers supporting different vision systems, more than 12 types of feeding systems, 3 types of pick/place head modules. EM Series is a joint development by a group of Taiwanese-Japanese professionals, having spent years in design, production and validation of critical modules. With component handling capability from small chips such as 0201 up to large fine pitch IC or odd shape components. EM Series systems are designed to be ultra Rigid and durable with FEM Simulations performed during the design phase. The unique Pattern Matching algorithm enables programming of odd-shaped components such as RF Shields etc., where vision file is not available in the standard component database.

EM Series equipments have 6~8 in-line heads enabling simultaneous pick-ups for higher throughputs of the system. Each head has it's own Z-motor enabling accurate placement height control of each component being placed on the PCB. The 6~8 in-line heads pass over the high speed camera for fast recognition of all 6~8 components in a single pass.


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