Everest PF650

Everest PF650

Everest PF650


Everest PF650


General Purpose Equipment

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Everest PCB equipment Co.,Ltd

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Process flow: feedstock → soaking → slightly etching → cycling washing step one→ DI washing → blot up → anti-oxidation → cycling washing step two → DI washing → blot up →cold air drying→ segregation→ hot air drying→ feed outlet


Main technical parameter:

Conveying velocity: 0.5~6.0 m/min(frequency control of motor speed)

Production specification:610mm×any length (maximum); 80mm×60mm (minimum)

Operating width: 630mm

Operating height:    900mm ±20mm

Thickness of plates:  0.2~3.2mm

Wheel base:        28mm, 35mm

Power consumption:  depends on actual flow

Supply voltage:     three-phase four-wire power cable (380V 50HZ)

Control system:     programmable PLC controller and human-computer interface

Overall dimensions:  L 18500mm × W 2000mm × H 2000mm


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