Agilent Z5623A-H08

Agilent Z5623A-H08

Agilent Z5623A-H08


Agilent Z5623A-H08


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The Agilent Z5623A Option H08 Multiport Test Set is designed for use with 50 Ohm Network Analyzers such as the Agilent PNA Series (Models E8356A, E8357A, and E8358A).

The Z5623A Option H08 is an external eight port test set with mechanical switching. Option H08 is valuable in manufacturing environments where the time for setup is significantly greater than the test time. This test set can be used to increase the efficiency of a test station by multiplexing one network analyzer between two test setups.

For example, two duplexer fixtures may be connected to the test set. While unloading and loading one fixture, the PNA Series analyzer can measure a device that is in the other fixture. This technique works well when part-handling or connection time is similar to measurement time. It is possible to effectively double the overall throughput and efficiency of the network analyzer.

The test set reduces the time required to test multiport devices having up to eight ports (distribution amplifiers, taps, switches, couplers, etc.). It does this by reducing the number of device reconnects the operator must perform. The test set can connect each of its test ports to any of the following:

    the Reflection Port

    the Transmission Port

    a 50 Ohm termination internal to the test set.

Switching is performed with mechanical switches.

The test set is controlled by means of its GPIB interface. The control can be performed either by a PNA Series network analyzer or by an external computer.

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