Quad 2C

Quad 2C

Quad 2C


Quad 2C


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California, USA

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QUAD Pick & Place

Model: 2C

Serial Number: 2785

Quad 2C SMT Placement System Features:

Placement rates of up to 3,600 cph

Handles complex boards - with components from 0402s to 1.00" square

The QuadAlign system provides automatic correcting for X, Y and theta positioning before placement .

Detachable feeder bases and carts for rapid changeover

X-Y linear glass scale encoders provide exact placement coordinates with consistent ±60 micron repeatability.

Optional Intelligent Feeder System for setup verification

0.060mm ultra-fine pitch capable

Machine was fully operational at time of last use multiple years ago. No damage other than regular wear and tear. Not sure of machines exact year.

Pickup preferred but if shipping is necessary we will work with you. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. 

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