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Shenzhen ETA Electronic Equipment Co. LTD.

SMT Reflow Oven/BGA Solder Reflow Oven/SMT Reflow Furnace (S8)

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1, Windows XP O/S, so simply as Chinese and English interface onscreen alternative available.

2, The digital control system adopted with PLC +Modular circuit to stabilized and accurate of repetitive precision.

3, Intelligent diagnosis system (IDS) has the function of trouble remind, alarm, list-out, report saving.

4, Temperature and blower speed controlling adjustable independently, to meet the high-precision requirements.

5, To minimize the temperature difference of various volumes of components by newly chambers design, with enhance the reliability and protective of each solder joints.

6, Step forced cooling system to easily achieve the requirements of strict lead-free processes (cooling slope: ≥ 3degree/sec. )

7, Center support and dual rail is optional.

Model  S8


Outside dimension  5310*1353*1490mm

Standard color  Computer grey

Weight  2150kg

Number of heating zones  Up8/bottm8

Lengthof heating zones  3121mm

Number of cooling zones  2(built-in)

Exhaust volume  10M3/min*2 exhausts

Standard feature of control system

Electric supply required  3phase, 380V 50/60Hz

Electric power required  64KW

Power for warm up  32KW

Power consumption  10KW

Heating pattern  Up& Bottom Hot air

Warming time  Approx. 30minute

Temp. setting range  Room temp__300degree

Control system  PLC+ Computer

Temperature control method  PID close loop control +SSR driving

Temperature control precision  ± 1.0degree

Temperature deviation on PCB  ± 1.5degree

Data storage  Process data and status storage (80GB)

Abnormal alarm  Abnormal temperature(extra-high/extra-low temp)

Board dropped alarm  Tower light: yellow warming: Green-normal: Red-abnormal

Standard features of conveyor system

Max. width of PCB  Max: 450mm(Standard)

Rail Number  1 Lane(standard) 2 Lane (option)

Components clearance  Top/bottom clearance of PCB is 25mm

Conveyor height  Light → right(option: R→ L)

PCB transmission agent  Air-reflow=chain +mesh (Standard)

Conveyor height  900± 20mm

Conveyor speed range  300~2000mm/min

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Shenzhen ETA Electronic Equipment Co. LTD.

Founded in 2000, ETA is one of the well known lead-free electronics equipment manufacturer in China.

Shenzhen, China

Contract Manufacturer, Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone 8615763257378

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