Orbotech VT 9300

Orbotech VT 9300

Orbotech VT 9300


Orbotech VT 9300


AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

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$ 5000.00


California, USA

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Orbotech VT 9300

Vintage : SEP 2004

*With Calibration Card

*Boards Inspected: Post-solder SMT, through-hole and mixed technologies

*Number of CCD Cameras: 13 Cameras

*Fault Coverage: Component placement accuracy in X, Y and Q, missing components, component polarity, insufficient or excess solder, tombstone and billboard components, dry joints, co planarity, shorts, lifted leads, blow holes (wave solder)

*Camera:Advanced 3-D imaging utilizing multiple top and angled CCD sensors and two different resolutions for high-speed and high-resolution


*Lighting: Multiple level and directional Xenon flash lighting array; closed loop illumination control.

*Components Inspected:

All chip components (including 0201)*, all leaded devices down to 0.4 mm fine-pitch and below. Many odd-form components including edge connectors, coils etc.

*High Speed Mode: FOV size 50 x 37 mm (1.97 x 1.46 in.), pixel size 55 x 44 microns

*High Resolution Mode: FOV size 11.0 x 8.0 mm (0.43 x 0.31 in.), pixel size 25 x 20 microns

*Scan Speed: Up to 26.5 cm2/sec (4.01 in2/sec)in High Speed Mode

*Max Board Size:508 x 380 mm (20 x 15 in.) Optional 508 x 457 mm (20 x 18 in.)

*Max Board Height: Top: 50 mm (2 in.); bottom: 80 mm (3in.)

*Dimensions: W 1115 x D 1180 x Hx1400 mm (W 43.9 x D 46.4 x H 55.1 in.)

*Weight: 400 Kg (880 lbs)

*Available Options: (Request Quotation for installed options)

QPC™ - Real-time SPC software

OptiGraf™ Line quality monitoring & reporting software PC2M™ - Process Control and Calibration Module OCV - Optical Character Verification GFR™ - Gerber Format Reader for offline programming of Gerber-based data Barcode scanner High speed handler unit

Off-line programming station

In-line, automated repair station

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