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Willtek 2201

The 3G mobile phone tester for repair shops Willtek’s 2201 ProLock is a reasonably priced test instrument for 3G mobile phones and wireless data cards. Level 1 and level 2 service shops use ProLock to quickly test wireless devices, perform smaller repairs and bill manufacturers for warranty claims. The 2201 ProLock is similar to the 4100 and 4200 series instruments because it is small, easy to use and affordable to large mobile phone retailers with a repair shop in the back office. ProLock, however, supports both GSM and WCDMA phones and wireless devices. Many mobile phones today include WCDMA functionality; manufacturers start to demand WCDMA testing in case of warranty claims from repair shops. ProLock fills the gap between the cheap GSM-only testers and sophisticated 3G test sets! Repair shops and manufacturers benefit Local, small and medium size repair shops have been replaced by centralised repair factories. This led to customer dissatisfaction and high cost for small repairs or in the No Fault Found case. With the 2201 ProLock, smaller repair shops filter out these phones and return them to the customer almost immediately, resulting in satisfied customers and low cost of reverse logistics. Intelligent 3G test system for service Willtek is offering a complete test system for automated tests without much user interaction. The system consists of: 2201 ProLock: sets up test call and takes GSM, GPRS and/or WCDMA measurements at the required accuracy, in manual mode or automatically through Lector 4916 Antenna Coupler: connects the phone or wireless data card to the tester, rendering extra RF connectors unnecessary and including the antenna in the test 4921 RF Shield: avoids interference with real networks or other test stations 7312 Lector Enhanced: allows even untrained personnel to perform reliable testing of standard mobile phones from any Windows PC, with Pass/Fail verdict and test protocol 7360 Coupling Factor Update License: Provides 7312 Lector Enhanced with database of coupling factors for popular phones and data cards; can automatically be updated through the Internet via Lector Where is the RF connector! With the design of the 2201 ProLock, your workbench stays clear for the repair because the RF connector is on the back of the instrument. The only plug on the front panel connects the 2201 with an external computer mouse or keyboard – but you don’t necessarily need any of these. Highlights: Affordable mobile phone test set for point-of-return and service tests Separates defective from faultless phones RF connector on the back for clear and tidy work bench Select any or all of these systems: GSM, GPRS, WCDMA Includes remote control software from a PC through 7311 Lector Basic Lector test protocols prove which phone has been tested, with serial number, date and time, and results 


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