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Sensor Products Inc.

Make/distributor of pressure sensing technology

Madison, New Jersey, USA

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Use of Pressurex Pressure Indicating Sensor Film Increases Bond Strength and Reduces Defects in Ultrasonic Welding of Electronics

Feb 19, 2010 | Pressurex® Sensor Film Needed to Measure Contact Pressure In Ultrasonic Welding

Using Pressurex for Setup in Ultrasonic Welding

Undetected Pressure Variations in Flip Chip Assembly Reduce Yields and Raise Costs

Dec 22, 2009 | Pressurex® Sensor Film Needed to Measure Contact Pressure Variations Across Flip Chip Dies and Bonding Tools

Pressurex Reveals a Pressure Profile Across the Surface of a Flip Chip Bonder

Pressurex® Film Promotes Uniform Nip Pressure Distribution to Reduce Dry Film Resist PCB Lamination Defects

Aug 09, 2009 | Pressure-indicating Sensor Film Improves PCB Yield and Reliability

New Pressurex Zero� Sensor Film Measures and Maps Very Low Contact Pressures

Nov 06, 2008 | Pressure-Indicating Sensor Film Useful in PCB Lamination and other Applications

Unique Tactile Pressure-Indicating Sensor Film Helps Capacitor Manufacturer Hold Tighter Product Tolerances

Oct 16, 2007 | Pressurex Reveals surface pressure distribution and magnitude

This histogram from Sensor Products Reveals the Uneven Distribution of Pressure Across the Plates
fluid dispensing pumps for integration

Compact Automatic Pick and Place