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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators for selective, wave solder, reflow ovens. Economical, reliable, convenient alternative to gas contracts and cylinders. The best solution for all of your N2 needs. No gas contracts; fast ROI!

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA


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ITW Sees Drastically Increased Nitrogen Purity with South-Tek Systems Nitrogen Generator

Jun 24, 2022 | South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce that it participated in the recent Kurt Whitlock Associates (KWA) Open House at KWA's Demonstration Lab in St. Cloud, FL. South-Tek Systems' N2GEN TS Nitrogen Generator was paired with the ITW EAE Vitronics Soltec Zeva M selective solder machine. ITW ran circuit boards using the South-Tek N2GEN PSA nitrogen generator and realized nitrogen purities up to 99.999 percent.

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