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Clariant Cargo & Device Protection offers a complete portfolio of desiccants and humidity indicator cards for use in dry packing.

Belen, New Mexico, USA

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Clariant And Floreon Announce Collaboration To Expand High-Performance Biopolymer Applications To Additional Markets

Mar 18, 2020 | Clariant's Additives business and Floreon-Transforming Packaging Limited announce an exciting new collaboration to further extend the performance properties and market potential of biopolymers, whilst preserving their environmental benefits.

Clariant Masterbatches introduces new colors for high temperature resins used in FAKRA connectors

Mar 05, 2020 | -14 colors comply with automotive industry requirements and UL standards -Globally available in small quantities as production ramps up -Connectors needed in next-generation automobiles

Meet Clariant at IPC APEX EXPO for a one-to-one interview about the unique support for more sustainable electronics’ production and the J-STD-033D-preferred unique moisture-control combo for dry packe

Jan 13, 2020 | As electronics brands demand more sustainable materials and product reliability across their supply chains, Clariant brings two elements together to uniquely boost moisture-exposure assurance for dry-packed Level 2+ components. It is the only option for semiconductor manufacturers, integrated circuit companies and OEM suppliers to meet latest J-STD-033D preferences and increasing low-halogen & cobalt-dichloride-free specifications.

Clariant turns the spotlight on 3D printed end use functional parts and new material for mobility and E&E trends at formnext 2019

Nov 15, 2019 | As intelligent industrial manufacturing gains a stronger foothold in production alongside the more established customization/prototyping arenas, Clariant returns to this year’s formnext with new solutions to support the growth. A new halogen-free flame retardant 3D printing material takes center stage alongside eye-catching and unique printed end use parts from a range of applications.

Clariant introduces innovative halogen- and cobalt dichloride-free Type 2 Non-reversible Humidity Indicator Cards to ensure integrity of moisture sensitive electronic components

Oct 22, 2019 | Humitector™ Type 2 delivers advanced sustainable attributes including halogen-free*, cobalt dichloride-free, and reduced cobalt dibromide content The use of Type 2 Humidity Indicator Cards with a non-reversible 60% RH spot indicator is preferred by IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033D.

Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 - Humitector™

Clariant introduces pioneering Humitector™ Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards for SMD Dry Packing at Semicon Taiwan

Aug 21, 2018 | Clariant's new Humitector Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards contain a patent-pending non-reversible 60% humidity spot indicator which enables them to indicate whether dry packed surface mount devices (SMDs) have been exposed to high levels of moisture at any point during shipment or storage. This unique innovation offers a major step forward in preventing moisture-compromised surface mounts from entering production.

Humitector™ Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indictor Card and Desi Pak® Bentonite Desiccant for use in dry packing of moisture sensitive surface mount devices.


Jun 13, 2018 | Market's first non-reversible humidity indicator Card Type 2 is low-halogen and cobalt-dichloride-free. Complies with the latest revision of IPC/JEDEC standard, J-STD-033D.

Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 and Desiccant for dry packing - HUMITECTOR and DESI PAK from Clariant

Clariant Whitepaper on Performance and Sustainability of Bentonite Clay Desiccants in Moisture Controlled Packaging

Oct 05, 2017 | The new whitepaper highlights the specific benefits of bentonite clay in terms of composition, moisture-adsorption performance, production requirements, and the environmental impact of available moisture controlled packaging solutions.

Clariant Desi Pak® bentonite clay desiccant. (Photo: Clariant)
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