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Scheugenpflug Inc.

Specializes in automated metering & dispensing solutions, supplier of resin metering systems, global expert in production and process automation, vacuum dispensing production systems, and systems for dispensing of abrasive media.

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Adhesives/Dispensing, Assembly, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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Expansion of the Managing Board - Jürgen Wilde is the new Member of the Managing Board of Scheugenpflug AG

Nov 19, 2018 | As the new Member of the Managing Board, Jürgen Wilde completed the Managing Board of Scheugenpflug AG on November 1, 2018. Together with the existing Board, he will push the company's international growth strategy.

Jürgen Wilde, the new Member of the Managing Board of Scheugenpflug AG
Picture: Scheugenpflug

Scheugenpflug expands its international market presence: New branch opened in Romania

Nov 05, 2018 | In August 2018, the specialist for adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting technology opened a new branch in Romania. With Scheugenpflug S.R.L., the company creates the basis for further growth.

Marius Luca, Operation Manager of the newly founded subsidiary Scheugenpflug S.R.L.
Image: Scheugenpflug

Scheugenpflug Inc. moved!

Oct 04, 2018 | More room to be of service to you! We've moved to our new location and are excited about continuing our service to you!

Our New Address:
1000 Cobb Pl Blvd. NW
Suite 514
Kennesaw, GA 30144

In the midst of change

Sep 20, 2018 | Emission-free, fully autonomous and networked throughout the entire world as well – that’s more or less what the car of the future will look like. Thanks to rapid progress in the field of electronics, the vision of fully autonomous vehicles – something that seemed inconceivable just a few years ago – is now within our reach.

Christian Geier, General Manager Scheugenpflug Inc., USA

The Electronics Protector

Aug 29, 2018 | Modern dispensing technology protects the electronics in vehicles from moisture, dust and extreme temperatures. NEUSTADT/DONAU. It runs with no emissions, it’s completely autonomous and, what’s more, it’s networked with the entire world – this is what the car of the future will look like. Thanks to rapid advances in the field of electronics, the vision of a (fully) autonomous vehicle, which appeared unrealistic just a few years ago, is now within reach.

The new dispensing solution is able to apply one liter of thermally conductive paste in just 13 seconds.
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Panasonic CM402, CM602, DT401