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Engineering Physics Center of MSU

We're engaged in the development and sale of complex electronics, automation of experimental installations in laser physics, creation of automatic testing systems and diagnostics of printed circuit boards and electronic components

Moscow, Russia

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What is an analog signature analyzer and how does it work?

Nov 19, 2020 | Simultaneously with the first complex electronic circuits, the task of creating effective means of diagnosing and repairing them appeared. In previous decades, specialized programmable stands were used for diagnostics of serial electronic products, as well as various testers and probes for troubleshooting during their operation. But the dramatic increase in the density / cost factor, in parallel with the very rapid modification of electronic products, made programmable stands economically ineffective even in mass production. The use of traditional laboratory equipment (oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.) requires power supply to the defective modules, which is often impossible and unsafe, since it can lead to failure of the working modules of the module. In addition, the use of this equipment requires documentation and highly qualified personnel. More automated and sophisticated signature analysis systems came to the rescue in solving this problem. A feature of these devices is that they allow you to test digital and analog assemblies without dismantling components and without supplying voltage.

Troubleshooting the STM32F429 board and restoring its operation

Nov 19, 2020 | Manual testing can take up most of a technician's time. The solution to the problem can be auto-mated testing using signature analysis systems. However, even here you can face the problem of lack of documentation for the board. This problem is not acute if there is documentation or if we are talking about new boards, the documentation for which is publicly available. However, what if the boards have been produced for a long time, and the documentation has been lost? In this case, intelligent recognition systems can help, which will allow you to identify component pins without documentation for the board. In this article we will show you how easy and fast it is possible thanks to our EyePoint p10 and EyePoint S2 systems, using the STM32F429 board as an example.

Desktop system for finding faulty PCB components

Oct 26, 2020 | Does it sound familiar? Does your company operate expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment, such as an electron microscope, a CNC machine, an industrial PLC, etc.? The failure of any printed circuit board (PCB) leads to a long downtime of both equipment and personnel, while the manufacturer's specialists carry out diagnostics and repairs. That's all about time and money. It seems unlikely that the manufacturer has a spare parts warehouse (SPTA) in every city. Storing the spare parts for all the boards yourself is very expensive and usually impractical. In case the device is under warranty repair costs will be paid by the manufacturer. But what if warranty has expired long ago? Complex expensive equipment can be used for 3, 5 or 10 years, and that is not the limit.

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