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Totech Canada is a North America distributor for Ultra-low Humidity & Temperature controlled Dry Cabinets, Superdry Totech EU is ISO 9001:2015 Industry leader I4.0 smart Factory Dry Cabinet Manufacturer, Sales & service in America

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Consultant / Service Provider, Distributor, Manufacturer

  • Phone 1-877-379-2224

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Totech Canada Inc adds New Smart factory I4.0 dry cabinet product lines

Jul 15, 2022 | Totech Canada Inc is pleased to announce the addition of TOTECH Europe New Industry 4.0 dry cabinet product lines to its Totech dry cabinet lineup please view Totech Canada Inc new website for more details ...

Totech Smart 4.0 Dry Cabinets

SMT Autonomous Mobile Robot Carts

Jan 08, 2022 | Check out Our new Made in the USA MIR 250..modular SMT Carts.. You can customize the shelves to fit any application.1 cart for multiple applications. Shelves change without tools in seconds,for your transport of SMT line setups. Feeders, stencils, soldering past and more !

Custom SMT AMRs Carts

Cloudbased Data logging system

Aug 20, 2021 | Totech Canada and Loggerflex Smart Devices collaboration on the Totech Labelled Bun HYGRO X PLUS is a easy to use accurate temperature and relative humidity (RH) recorder and alarm system at very low <10%RH environment with a accuracy of <1.5%RH. Very eay to use 5 minute installation It is powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries for up to 10 years and connects directly to Wi-Fi.

MSD Dry Cabinets
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