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Robotas Technologies Optimizes Hand Assembly for Industry 4.0

Mar 16, 2020

Robotas Technologies Ltd has developed a solution for optimizing the manual assembly process for the requirements of Industry 4.0. The company has spent the last 30 years evaluating and optimizing manual assembly processes. 

Currently, manual production bridges the gap between automated processes and will do so for the immediate future. Many companies miss the opportunity to examine this element of their production process with the same thoroughness as their automated processes; and there are good reasons why: People are hugely flexible in their capabilities, but they can be difficult to manage and can also give a huge variation in the quality of work.

The Robotas Sigma System provides one single platform for operator guidance. Images, text, 3D models, animation and video clips can be used to deliver the most suitable type of operator guidance at any process step.

Huge productivity gains can be made from efficient material handling. Often a workspace will have racks of bins or trays with labels. Materials might have been decanted from OEM packaging into secondary bins. The setup time for each work area can add significant amounts of non-value-added time. By adopting Sigma users immediately gain the ability to dispense the correct part to the operator at the correct time.

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A family owned business, Robotas Technologies has been a leader in the field of optimizing hand assembly process for customers all over the world for the past 35 years. The company develops lean systems to solve hand assembly process issues, driving quality and delivering greater productivity.

Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. For most clients, payback is measured in months. After that, productivity simply equates to profitability.

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