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SMTA Capital Chapter Expo - Advanced Manufacturing on Supply Chain Solutions

May 18, 2022

Supply Chain Crisis: When will the Chip Shortage End? What is the solution? Supply Chain issues are prevalent, causing a supply crunch and resulting in cut production, delinquent delivery shortages, and loss of profit. Then there is offshore manufacturing, which poses a security threat as democracy is threatened across the globe. The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has a call for action to translate American innovation into domestically manufacturable, market-ready technology to provide solutions to the current market threats. 

Join us for technical presentations that provide insight on real risk and solutions that meet the 2021 NDAA’s mission and strengthen the U.S. position in electronics research, development, and manufacturing.

Advances in Multi-material Additive Manufacturing - Aaron Sather, Nano Dimension

This presentation discusses the advances in multi-material additive manufacturing technology being applied to electronic circuits and its supply chain benefits.  Additive manufacturing provides for rapid prototyping, and onsite manufacturing, is environmentally friendly, and affords design engineers new ways of fabricating electronics.  The onsite production capabilities mean that supply chain infrastructure can be made more efficient, shorten cycle time and reduce the risk associated with the sourcing of parts.

Nanoelectronics on Demand - Ahmed Busnaina, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing

The cost of building an economically viable fab has reached $20 billion per fab in recent times.  The energy intensity of the current semiconductor manufacturing processes is extremely high. Massive amounts of highly corrosive and toxic materials, water, and power used in the making of semiconductors impose an unsustainable environmental burden.  Nanoscale additive manufacturing can be implemented as a single tool-line to print integrated circuits at significantly lower cost, higher throughput, and significantly lower environmental impact.  This platform has the potential to change the electronics manufacturing landscape to make it material agnostic and capable of printing many materials on demand.

Thermal Reliability of Hydrocarbon Dielectric Build Up Layers - Paul Cooke, AGC

In the last few years, there have been concerns about products requiring high reliability when using microvia structures.  As a result, many fabricators have been mandating pushback on very complex high-layer count designs.  This has resulted in very conservative rules for designers to use and meet the fabricators' capabilities.  This study shows how a thin hydrocarbon dielectric layer can be used and optimized for stacked microvias that demonstrate solid thermal reliability on up to 5 layers of HDI on both sides, it also shows there seems to be no indication yet of a ceiling on how many layers could be used.

To register online to attend or exhibit, please visit our event site.

The SMTA membership is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience, and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations. For more information or to join, please visit

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SMTA Capital Chapter's Expo and Tech Forum to be Held on May 24th

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Dr. Vahid Akhavan, NovaCentrix, to Present at SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting on January 20th

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SMTA Seeks Donations for Hutchins Grant and Stromberg Scholarship

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