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  • Aegis Software Announces Latest Updates to their FactoryLogix IIoT-Based MES Platform, Driving a Smarter Digital Twin for Manufacturing Excellence

Aegis Software Announces Latest Updates to their FactoryLogix IIoT-Based MES Platform, Driving a Smarter Digital Twin for Manufacturing Excellence

Sep 27, 2020

Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES), announces core capabilities in their latest FactoryLogix® 2020.2 and 2020.3 releases. As an industry leader in MES, Aegis continues to deliver leading-edge capabilities for discrete manufacturers to digitize manufacturing excellence without endless customizations. With FactoryLogix 2020.2 and 2020.3, Aegis offers capabilities that increase throughput, amplify productivity, enrich operator experience, and eliminate waste.

“Building upon the robustness that comes from two decades of evolving our MES IIoT-based platform, these two new releases add fresh capabilities fueled by continual collaboration with our global customer base of complex discrete manufacturers in the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, consumer, and automotive industries,” said Jason Spera, CEO, Aegis Software. “As manufacturers face the changing and challenging environment, they continue to seek innovative solutions to support the need for continual process improvement, on-demand adaptability, smarter decision-making, and a heightened focus on employee productivity and satisfaction.”

FactoryLogix 2020.2 and 2020.3 deliver enhancements across the entire platform. Below are just a small sample of the industry-leading features and benefits offered in this new release:

  • True Digital Twin Built on Both Mechanical & Electronics CAD. Now the FactoryLogix data model, and all its functionality, is built upon both Electronics PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and 3D Mechanical CAD formats. With support for hundreds of ECAD and MCAD & PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) formats, users can leverage animated 3D CAD mechanical models in both shop-floor operator instructions and data collection, which all drive a truly intelligent digital twin. The FactoryLogix 3D CAD integration further enriches the unprecedented FactoryLogix unique ontological data model, delivering out-of-the-box contextualized analytics.

  • Adaptive Machine Recipes for Automated Personalized Manufacturing.  FactoryLogix now dispatches dynamic recipes to machines based on the unique build configuration of a personalized product. This enables true single-piece flow of unique products in a fully automated way and eliminates the high-overhead “one recipe for one process” approach. Manufacture “tailor-made” products with the same output and costs savings of a mass production environment without the need for heavily customized/legacy software tools.

  • Further Accelerate Shop-Floor Instruction Authoring. When building visual aids in FactoryLogix, use the integrated photo capture feature to build instructions while on the floor-- with the first article product—on the fly. Building upon the rich work instruction capabilities already present in FactoryLogix, this new feature accelerates launches to production, amplifies accuracy, and ultimately improves the depth and detail of operator instructions.

FactoryLogix is a holistic and modular platform that delivers leading-edge technology with easily configurable modules to support and execute a discrete manufacturer’s strategy towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution and quality management to powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform helps companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.

Founded in 1997, Aegis Software uniquely delivers a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) platform giving manufacturers the speed, control, and visibility they require. Aegis has international sales and support offices in Germany, UK, and China, and partners with more than 37 manufacturing equipment suppliers. Since its inception, Aegis has been helping more than 2,200 factories across the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive industries, drive rapid and continuous innovation with the highest quality while reducing operational costs. Learn more by visiting Speed, Control and Visibility for Manufacturing.

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  • Aegis Software Announces Latest Updates to their FactoryLogix IIoT-Based MES Platform, Driving a Smarter Digital Twin for Manufacturing Excellence
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