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Palomar Introduces New Automatic

May 05, 2003

Vista, Calif. � April 22, 2003 �- Palomar Technologies announces the latest additions to its line of wire bonding equipment with the introduction of its Model 5060 Automatic Ball Bonder and Model 5070 Automatic Wedge Bonder. These bonders offer large area, deep access, ball and wedge wire bonding for microelectronic packaging applications.

The new ball and wedge bonders are based on Palomar's proven and reliable 2460 and 2470 platforms, but with a 25% smaller footprint [65h x 36w x 30"d (1651 x 915 x 762mm)]. They have a large 12 x 5" (300 x 125mm) work area and are designed for ergonomic operation. The on-screen, menu-driven interface simplifies operator training, allowing for a short path to automated production. The sleek, new design includes control knobs and a keyboard that can be adjusted to optimize the operators working position.

The 5060 Automatic Ball Bonder provides thermosonic ball and stitch bonding with a heated workstage and an optional capillary heater. The Model 5070 Automatic Wedge Bonder provides ultrasonic or thermosonic wedge bonding with a heated workstage. It is capable of bonding with round wire or gold or aluminum ribbon.

Customers currently using Hughes or Palomar 2460-V or 2470-V wire bonders can run existing programs on the new equipment. Changing from a manual wire bonding process to automation results in higher yields (due to high repeatability) and predictable and repeatable electrical performance. The 5060 and 5070 are designed to provide an easy transition for companies whose production needs are ready for automation.

"Palomar's new bonders provide affordable automation in a compact, ergonomic package," explained Jerry Jordan, Palomar product marketing manager. "Palomar bonders, and the Hughes bonders that preceded them, have built a reputation as the reliable workhorse for complex hybrid microcircuit applications. These new bonders continue that legacy."

About Palomar Technologies

Palomar Technologies, established in 1975 as part of Hughes Aircraft Company, has been an independent company since 1995. It is a leading supplier of automated high-precision assembly systems that increase yield and lower costs for manufacturers of optoelectronic, RF, and microelectronic packages in the photonic, wireless, microwave, automotive, aerospace, medical, and life sciences industries.

Processes include high accuracy component assembly with eutectic solder, epoxy, or laser attach, precision ball and wedge bonding, and active optical align and attach. Palomar's Process Development and Prototyping Services assists companies in developing or validating new products by providing design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, and automation expertise, as well as metrology resources to bridge the gap between product concept and automated production. Visit our web site at or contact us at 760-931-3600.

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