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Essemtec USA accelerates, for you !

Jun 11, 2020

Dear Essemtec Customers and Partners,

Essemtec USA has been active in North America for almost 20 years with more than 1,200 systemsinstalled. In 2013 there was a change of ownership at our Headquarters Essemtec AG in Switzerland.Our new strategy was first to re-engineer and develop the main organization and a new productportfolio. Secondly, we had the clear aim to grow and improve our US organization and operations.This time is now

Since early 2019, we have been re-building Essemtec USA and my aim, with this letter, is to sharewith you what Essemtec USA is today and what it will be soon. Essemtec USA accelerates!

Essemtec USA today is a team of two highly qualified service technicians, Tanya Whitlock and RenéCovelli, both backed and coordinated by a North America Service Manager, Ed Ruppert. All are under continuous training and in close teamwork with Essemtec Headquarter.The Hot Line remains the office call number (856) 218 1131, for which a professional service provider will take all your calls and messages, which will be immediately conveyed to the team in thefield. All Service cases are today managed with a ticketing system, imbedded in our CRM. Our emails addresses have been modified and you can reach our support team

The Essemtec USA team is also two Business Managers, Don Jeka, in Rye, New Hampshire, andKevin Bagaline in Austin, Texas, supporting a network of more than 30 active individual sales representatives, covering 90%+ of the North American territory. The highly qualified sales representatives are now under deep training and shall be able to provide you, locally, premium consulting andsales support on Essemtec USA solutions. I have to admit being today the only alien, all the rest ofthe Essemtec USA organization are US-citizens.Our demo center remains housed at our partner ACI Technologies place, nearby Philadelphia.There, all Essemtec new generation of equipment are available for test, demos and training. Thesales team is available anytime, please contact us directly through

Next steps in the organization, for second half of 2020, will be to add one more service technicianon the West Coast, create a demo center also there and to on-board an application engineer tosupport specific requirements and conduct all tests, including ITAR ones. Finally, we will have soona spare parts hub in USA, managed by a professional service provider, securing overnight parts deliveries.

Globally, the new generation of Essemtec equipment ( ) hasbeen quite very successful since the launch of its first piece FOX three years ago. All new products have been already installed in USA, satisfying not only small SMEs but also Global Tier1 customers.The Essemtec value proposition offers today best-in-class equipment and solutions to flexibly copewith steeper ramp and shorter Product Life Cycle faced by the SMT industry. Backed by our yearsof collective engineering know-how, we uniquely combine dispensing and placement on the sameplatform. We just added our new solder Jet printer, which can be combined with placement for AllIn-One operations.

Finally, I know that Essemtec USA has not always been perfect and your experience with us has notmeasured up to our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. 100% is the essence of our new initiative,as we want to improve your experience with us. Someone from Essemtec USA will contact youpersonally to assess support or issues you may have.

I am personally available for all questions that you may have on Essemtec USA, our plans, our capabilities, our legacy and feel free to provide me also any comments or suggestion regarding howwe can improve. As mentioned at the beginning, Essemtec USA accelerates today and we reallywant all of you to be with us.

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