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KIC's Karl Pfluke to Present during SMTAI Virtual Conference

Sep 27, 2020

KIC is pleased to announce that Karl Pfluke, Sales Manager – US/Canada, will present “Automatic Reflow Profiling and Data Analytics” during the SMTA International Virtual Conference & Expo. The Live Virtual Exposition is scheduled to take place Sept. 28-30, 2020 and the On-Demand Conference & Expo will take place Sept. 28-Oct. 23, 2020.

Pfluke will provide an overview of how an Automatic Reflow Profiling System (Reflow Process Inspection) can be used in a factory for verifying reflow oven capabilities, how this is used for quality improvement and ultimately process control to circumvent field failures. The paper will describe what automatic profiling is, show what data can be collected and the available analytics and why these are used to achieve the goals of process and quality control.

Pfluke stated, “Without having an automatic profiling system, there really is no way of knowing how the oven is performing or if every board reflowed within the specified process window for quality and reliability purposes.”

With the advent of i4.0 and Smart Factory, there has been a great deal of technology put into SMT lines that are manufacturing the very technologies we use today. There has been focus on the front-end and back-end data for the SMT process. Pfluke will discuss the necessity of automatic oven profiling (RPI) and monitoring and the benefits of the data that can be provided in real-time, continuously.

KIC’s Smart Factory solutions provide automation, traceability, process control via continuous Cpk and live data collection and analytics with integration to MES, CFX and more.

Move toward the future of line connectivity, flexible production, machine learning and real-time insight. For more information about KIC, visit

KIC is a technology company working to make reflow ovens smarter through thermal profiling automation and optimization solutions. With offices across the globe, KIC is ready to become your partner in oven-based manufacturing. Corporate headquarters are located at 16120 W Bernardo Dr., San Diego, CA 92127.

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