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KIC Brings Thermal Process Solutions to the SMTA Houston Expo

Mar 03, 2022

KIC will exhibit at the SMTA Houston Expo, scheduled to take place Thursday, March 24, 2022 at the Stafford Centre in Texas. Company representatives will discuss KIC’s thermal process solutions for NPI process setup, automatic profiling and data reporting, easy process audits, process traceability, MES/CFX connectivity and more.

Electronics manufacturing today requires automated and real-time process control and traceability. KIC provides solutions for real-time inspection of the reflow/cure/wave process, like SPI and AOI provide optical inspection for printing and placement.

KIC will display the latest addition to the thermal process inspection family – the award-winning Wave Process Inspection system. As the RPI does for reflow, wave process inspection (WPI) provides users with automatic profiling – including an industry-first dwell time and parallelism measurement for each production board – real-time preheat and wave analytics, automatic SPC charting and more.

For 45 years KIC has provided solutions for automated thermal process data collection and analytics, with service and support offices in every region.  As the market leader and industry standard, there are more than 25,000 systems in the field bringing value and the most reliable, accurate and innovative solutions for electronics manufacturing thermal process challenges.

Move toward the future with data analytics and real-time insight, factory connectivity, and flexible production, by making your ovens and wave solder machines smarter. For more information about KIC, visit

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