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Smart Factory Thermal Solutions from KIC at the E-22 Electronic Show

Aug 26, 2022

KIC is pleased to announce plans to exhibit with its distributor, Hin A/S, at the E-22 Electronic Show, scheduled to take place August 30-September 1, 2022 at the OCC Messe in Denmark. Electronics manufacturing is moving into an era requiring intelligent use of large amounts of data in order to run a flexible, efficient and successful manufacturing operation. KIC is at the forefront of this trend, providing customers an easy path along this “smart factory” learning curve.

Miles Moreau, KIC’s General Manager, will be available in Booth A-1131 to discuss Reflow Process Inspection (RPI), Wave Process Inspection (WPI), NPI setup, process and recipe optimization for reduced defects, improved OEE, oven performance tracking and solutions for thermal processes.

KIC’s industry’s leading solution for turning Heat to Data™ offers a complete ecosystem that covers all electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging thermal processes, as well as manufacturing challenges for process setup and inspection.  The company offers automation, traceability and connectivity for the automotive, medical, aerospace, network and military markets for electronic manufacturing.

Additionally, KIC has solutions for challenges such as handling process audits, automating manual profiling and data reporting tasks, MES connectivity, Industry 4.0 implementation, NPI process setup, reducing solder defects (voiding, head in pillow, tombstoning), and more.

The latest addition to the thermal process inspection family is KIC’s WPI, bringing its award-winning technology and thermal experience to the wave solder process. Wave Process Inspection provides users with automatic profiling – including an industry first dwell time and parallelism measurement for each production board – real-time preheat and wave analytics, automatic SPC charting and more.

KIC’s 45 years of experience in automated process data collection, direct service and support offices in every region, and more than 25,000 systems in the field brings the most reliable, accurate and innovative solutions for electronics manufacturing thermal process challenges.

Move toward the future with full line connectivity, flexible production, data analytics and real-time insight, making sure to include your ovens and wave solder machines. For more information about KIC, visit

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