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Dynamic Source Manufacturing Partners with Juki for Storage at its Smart Factories

Jan 29, 2022

Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc. is pleased to announce that Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM) has purchased its fourth ISM3600 Storage Tower. The latest ISM36000 was installed at DSM’s Tempe, Arizona facility along with an Incoming Material Station. With three systems already installed at its facility in Calgary, Canada, Juki was the clear choice when DSM needed a storage tower for its smart factory in Tempe, AZ. The sale was liaised by Juki’s manufacturers’ representative in AZ, Bill Butt with Quantum Systems. 

With manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States, Dynamic Source Manufacturing has nearly complete automation and digitalization of its material flow and value chain. This includes cutting-edge hardware solutions for processes such as intelligent material receiving, smart shop-floor and point-of-use material storage and retrieval, high-volume connected placement and post-teardown X-ray counting of parts.

As leading experts in Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) for more than 20 years, DSM has helped launch some of the most dynamic products in global industries with precision and excellence, such as communications, energy, emerging technologies, industrial, automotive, and security and defense. Along with its ISO 9001:2015 certification, DSM is certified through Canada’s Controlled Goods Program and registered through the USA’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

“The DSM team decided to add this capability to our EMS facility to help automate what had traditionally been a very manual operation,” says David Watson, General Manager at DSM (Arizona). “The Juki system fully integrates with our ERP and other manufacturing execution systems to help ensure our inventory accuracy via their scanning capabilities, dry storage to support component integrity, and a method to pull/return kits that is quick and complete. After the successful integration of the Juki system in our Calgary facility, the Arizona site is following their lead and committed to fully automating our factory. Although the Juki system is new in our Arizona facility, it has already helped us complete kits faster, eliminate the need for physical counts when returning to storage, and helped give our staff another tool to aid in our mutual success.”

The ISM storage management system provides an intelligent and flexible storage solution. Using the ISM UltraFlex 3600, DSM can flexibly store up to 3,644 reels, monitor them intelligently as well as oversee the fully automatic import and export of the components.

For more information about Dynamic Source Manufacturing (DSM), visit

For more information about Juki, visit

Juki Automation Systems (JAS), is an international leader in high-speed SMT Assembly equipment, has shipped more than 40,000 machines worldwide since 1987.  Juki has built its global image with a combination of top-quality and high-reliability machines with a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for its customers. Juki machines have about 30 percent U.S. made content by cost. The pioneer of the modular assembly system in 1993, Juki offers flexible solutions designed for both high-volume and high mix environments.  JAS, Inc. employs 45 U.S. employees, including 20 service personnel five specializing in applications sales.

Additionally, JAS, Inc. offers a full line of SMT manufacturing products as wells as selective solder and stamp soldering machines plus Advanced Technology through-hole machines.   Juki supports one of the largest field service groups in the industry.  For more information, visit

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