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Glenbrook's New Jewel Box X-Ray Systems

Nov 13, 2001

Glenbrook Technologies Inc., an innovator and leading supplier of Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems to the electronic fabrication and semiconductor assembly industries has announced the availability of a newly developed large capacity, ultra-high resolution X-ray inspection system called the "Oversized Jewel Box 70-T". Glenbrook's award-winning X-ray camera technology combines a 10 Micron, 70kV X-ray source with extremely small "Source to Image Distance" (SID) to capture ultra-high resolution images.

By leveraging this technology, Glenbrook is able to offer their system at prices far below the competition, while still providing state-of-the art image quality. The system is also unique because it facilitates X-ray inspection of larger assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) up to 18" x 24". A precision 5-axis positioner permits complete 360 degree rotation of boards up to 16" x 18" and provides the ability to scan an area of 16" x 18". The system's permits magnifications of greater than 500X, making it ideal for inspecting microBGA, Flip Chip and CSP packages.

Included with the system is, Glenbrook's GTI-5000TM advanced image processing software, which runs on a WindowsTM 2000 platform. Additional software enhancements include BGA Analysis, Void Measurement and Wire Sweep Measurement tools.

Glenbrook Technologies' proprietary X-ray inspection systems are used by electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide, in both laboratory and production settings, to verify the integrity of hidden solder joints for BGA's, as well as other sophisticated electronic packaging technologies.

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