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Orbotech Announces New President

Jan 27, 2003

A Circuits Assembly News Item

Orbotech Inc. (Billerica, MA) has announced the appointment of Barry Cohen as president and chief executive effective January 1, 2003.

Cohen joined Orbotech, Inc. in 1994 as Eastern Region Manager. He was later promoted to vice president of sales, PCB Division and most recently held the position of vice president of electronics sssembly.

Cohen replaces Shabtai Shaanani, who successfully completed his 3-year assignment with the company.

Orbotech Ltd. (Yavne, Israel) also announced the introduction of new inspection capabilities for its line of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems to provide defect detection for connector pins and surface-mount components on backplane assemblies.

�Backplanes are complex products comprised of different interconnection technologies including soldered surface mount devices (SMD) and press-fit connectors,� said Shavi Spinzi, director of marketing, electronics assembly. �The different assembly steps and sheer number of press-fit connectors and pins on a backplane assembly lead to many opportunities for defects which are extremely difficult to detect with manual visual inspection and also present a particular challenge for conventional post-solder AOI systems.�

Orbotech's new backplane inspection capability provides automated inspection of common press-fit connector defects including missing and displaced pins. Due to their different electrical role, press-fit connectors also house pins of different lengths. To ensure that the pins protrude at the right distance from the connector, the new solution offers a pin height measurement capability, which utilizes the AOI system's angled cameras to report if the pin height is within a user-set tolerance. Additionally, the system has the ability to accurately inspect for pin tip and SMD component defects in one inspection cycle, versus the two cycles typically required. The AOI system uses its Z-axis to automatically adjust the height of the backplane assembly to bring the different inspection planes into focus under the system's multi-angled cameras.

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