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Orbotech Introduces Spiron-8800(tm)AOI Series for PCB Production

Mar 12, 2003

YAVNE, ISRAEL - March 11, 2003 - ORBOTECH LTD. today announced the introduction of its new Spiron-8800(tm) series of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for printed circuit board production. Spiron offers PCB manufacturers cutting-edge AOI together with revolutionary new VIP Technology (Verification in Parallel) for dramatically improved yields, increased throughput and reduced inspection costs.

Spiron VIP features a unique, parallel inspection and verification operation in only ONE handling cycle using ONE operator, at ONE time on ONE system - an industry first - which results in reduced AOI cycle time by up to 50% and significant production cost savings of up to 65%. The need for additional verification stations, operators and floor space is eliminated for a much more streamlined, easy-to-manage operation.

"The Spiron family is a breakthrough solution that innovatively addresses the market's need for drastic reductions in AOI cycle time and operational costs", commented Mr. Asher Levy, President of the PCB Division at Orbotech Ltd. "It is a result of Orbotech's commitment to continued, market-driven R&D efforts for the PCB industry through which we are supporting our customers with best-fit technology solutions that are essential production tools for remaining competitive in today's international marketplace."

To achieve its dynamic, next generation performance, Spiron incorporates many of the winning technology features of Orbotech's proven InSpire-9000(tm) AOI series with a forward-thinking, new inspection/verification platform concept. This one-station solution combines a highly efficient dual-table workflow together with advanced verification software and a fast, accurate on-line verification tool. Spiron's exclusive VIP technology enables exceptionally high throughput with inspection of up to 200 panel sides of 5 mil lines and up to 175 panel sides of 4 mil lines in one hour. Reduced panel handling requirements result in fewer handling defects and scrap. To drastically lower false calls and enhance defect detection for challenging designs, Spiron is designed with many advanced capabilities including color technology, post-processing, and dedicated SMT and Dynamic Width Matching (DWM) algorithms.

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