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High Thermal Impact Reliability BGA Sphere from SHENMAO

Jul 16, 2022

SHENMAO America, Inc. is pleased to announce that the PF918-S Lead-Free BGA Sphere features the newly designed high-reliability alloy PF918 that can achieve tensile strength performance 1.4 times higher than the typical SAC305 alloy.

A board-level thermal cycling test with an automotive IC product showed that the thermal cycling life of PF918 is two times longer than the SAC305 alloy. The melting point of PF918 is 211°-221°C and has a similar range to SAC305. Workability and reflow profile of PF918 are able to remain the same as SAC305.

PF918-S is formulated with the new SHENMAO Sn/Ag4.0/Bi3.0 alloy that is designed with high thermal impact reliability for long service life electronic products with high-reliability requirements.

The lead-free BGA sphere can increase thermal reliability performance by a minimum of 30 percent. It provides better mechanical shock, tensile strength and thermal cycling performances than typical solder alloys such as SAC305 and SAC405.

PF918-S offers superior thermal cycling reliability performance suitable for automotive devices, high power components and advanced IC packages such as wafer-level chip scale packages (WLCSP) with high thermal reliability requirements.

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