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UTZ Acquires State-of-the-Art LPKF Stencil Cutting Fiber Laser

Jan 24, 2012

A pioneer in the SMT solder paste stencil industry, UTZ Technologies of Little Falls, NJ, continues to stay at the cutting-edge of stencil technology with the recent purchase of a G6080 StencilLaser from LPKF Laser & Electronics. With the addition of the new LPKF G6080 laser system to UTZ’s existing line of chem-etch, E-formed and legacy laser systems, the company retains its position as a leading stencil supplier with the most modern equipment and capabilities. The UTZ acquisition of the new stencil cutting fiber laser system will benefit all stencil end-users by providing stencils with high-quality side walls for ideal paste release, positional accuracy in relation to printing paste on pads, and high speed for minimal turnaround time and delivery.

Kris Guidi, President of UTZ Technologies, adds, “Our long relationship with LPKF has been a plus. This is our fourth machine, and the G6080 system provides our customers with excellent aperture wall quality, and its superior speed ensures on-time delivery of stencils.”

LPKF Laser & Electronics is a manufacturer of prototyping and production equipment for the PCB industry.  Products include desktop mechanical routers and laser systems for welding, depaneling and stencil production.  As the world-wide leader of stencil cutting laser systems, the company also supplies a range of reusable stretching frames and stencil inspection systems.

The principal products and services offered by UTZ Technologies include the manufacturing of solder printing stencils, thick-film printing screens, metal masks, computer artwork generation, and custom photo plotting.  UTZ Technologies thick-film screens are manufactured for the hybrid industry which uses them to print miniature electronic circuits. These highly sophisticated circuits are utilized extensively by the computer, aerospace, medical, automotive, and defense industries. Kristian Guidi can be reached at UTZ in Little Falls, NJ at 973-339-1100.

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