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Now Available, SIPAD LF

Apr 01, 2003

SIPAD LF is the lead-free version of the time-tested SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit process developed by Siemens AG and sold exclusively in the United States by SIPAD Systems Inc.

It's the next "Big Thing" in circuits assembly!

SIPAD printed circuit boards are delivered with the solderpaste already on them in a solid, cleaned and flattened form, coated with adhesive flux to hold components in place during the final reflow. SIPAD eliminates shorts, opens, cleaning and voids in all smd package styles including BGA. No solder paste application needed at assembly and now, SIPAD Systems Inc. introduces SIPAD LF, leaf free SIPAD ssd.

SIPAD LF is a fantastic process and perfect solution for an inevitable application. SIPAD LF can take companies who are facing introductory levels of lead-free assembly, painlessly into the emerging "Green" European and Asian markets -- without introducing new stencil compensations, new paste dynamics, and eliminating the need to procure and store new materials.

SIPAD LF will permit electronic assemblers to provide lead-free assemblies without having to re-invent their assembly systems and processes and, SIPAD LF will let them do it virtually overnight.

Combined with higher-temp FR-4 and the new Halogen-free laminates, SIPAD LF will become the OEMs' and CEMs' competitive-edge in the "green" marketplace.

For more information contact SIPAD Systems at the numbers below

Matt Kehoe

SIPAD Systems Inc.

360-C Winkler Drive

Alpharetta, GA. 30004


770-475-1597 fax

SMTA Corporate Member

SMTA Chapter Secretary

"Check out SIPAD LF, Lead Free SIPAD"

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