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A-Tek Systems To Feature its Latest Advancements at APEX 2015

Feb 16, 2015

ASYS is proud to announce that several new innovations and products will be shown at the upcoming IPC APEX in San Diego. Uptime is an important factor in any SMT production, as it is a key measurement to judge how efficient a plant is operating. Therefore, ASYS continued the development of PULSE. An entire production line can be monitored not only via a tablet, but now even via a smartwatch called PULSE Wear. Important to note that this is an open interface, so any equipment supplier is welcome to take advantage of it.

Did you recently upgrade your pick and place system? Need a magazine handler to keep up with the faster cycle times? Then the new AMS03D Speed is the magazine handler you want to check out. With its three magazines you can even use it for automatic good/bad sorting.

This year we will be showing 3 routers from our Depaneling portfolio: Two offline machines and also the DIVISIO 5100 inline router. All those system will feature the intuitive SIMPLEX HMI, which makes programming a breeze. Other features to be excited about is the cut inspection, which gives you absolute process control and traceability.

Furthermore, the INSIGNUM 2000 and the INSIGNUM 4000 represent the most popular models with unique features and unbeatable cycle times. The INSIGNUM 4000 is now also featuring OPTIMAP, which automatically optimizes the programming for best possible cycle time. Of course, also the laser markers will be running on the SIMPLEX HMI. If you always wanted to get a few laser samples to show to your colleagues, please stop by: we will be doing life marking and have samples for you to take home.

On the screen and stencil printer side we are releasing a brand new X5 Professional, the high end printer model that will wow you not only with its new design but also with its features. For the SERIO 4000 platform we are showing two printers bundled the way how we sold most of the units in 2014: Just perfectly configured right out of the gate: Maybe it be the oscillating wiper, the quick squeegee load system or the SIMPLEX HMI: You will immediately see how advanced to your current printer the SERIO 4000 is.

ASYS Group is a provider of high quality manufacturing equipment for the Electronic, Hybrid and Photovoltaic industries. The product range includes SMD Board Handling, Marking Systems (Laser/Label/Inkjet), Depaneling Systems (In-/Offline), Final Assembly and EKRA Screen Printers for the SMT, Semi-Pack, Solar, and Hybrid markets. Transforming Ideas into Solutions.

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