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China Embraces Smart Manufacturing as Electronics Manufacturing Industry Welcomes New Era

Jul 15, 2015

“Internet+” is definitely the defining phrase of 2015. Thanks to a national internet+ strategy, the electronics industry is transitioning from a “made in China” ethos, to Chinese-led smart manufacturing, featuring advanced smart automation technologies. Those able to combine cross-disciplinary know-how will win big in the upcoming smart age. NEPCON South China 2015, planned for the Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center from August 25 to August 27, comes during a surge of industry momentum. The event will showcase the best innovative electronics manufacturing equipment and automation technologies available in 2015.

NEPCON South China is the biggest electronics manufacturing event in South China. The event also has the longest history. Thanks to a strong international presence, it will be a good showcase of the best local and international innovations. The event will be collocated with CS Show 2015. These two industry-defining expos will connect upstream and downstream players and provide the best possible platform to showcase industry progress, conduct exchange and advance trade. The show will also serve the needs of electronics manufacturers, vendors, and high quality visitors. Both events will feature in-depth discussions on key industry topics.

Professionally Produced Trade Event to Help Electronics Industry Leap Forward As China Embraces Smart Manufacturing

“Made in China" has long been a well-known slogan. For a while too, there has been a need for the country to adopt smart manufacturing techniques. What is China’s current standing in the international manufacturing industry? The Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology recently provided the answer. According to MIIT officials, the global electronics industry sees three leading groups: The US, which has cutting-edge technologies and a comprehensive industrial base. Japan and Germany, which also have advanced tech and are strong in smart and precision manufacturing. And finally the UK, France, and South Korea. These have specific strengths in certain areas. The UK and France excel in space technologies and Korea in electronics.

Although it is the world’s largest electronics maker, China is weak in technological know-how and innovation. It lags far behind advanced nations in cutting-edge electronics technologies. In this sense, China can be classified into the third group. In the long run, to transition from being merely large to being dominant and to rise into the second group, or even the first, China has a long way to go.

Taking into consideration the current state of China’s electronics industry, and leveraging opportunities unleashed by the launch of the China Manufacturing 2025 report, NEPCON South China 2015 will provide unprecedented growth opportunities to local electronics manufacturers. The three-day event will feature numerous new products from many exhibitors. New and existing players in traditional electronics and smart manufacturing will interact. A range of side activities, including the EMA Automation Forum & Industry Summit, will take place, with industry professionals and key academics exploring core issues affecting electronics manufacturing today. With industry upgrades led by smart information technologies and green innovation, the event will help drive emerging electronics development forward and kick start new industry trends.

Exhibitors Gather As Traditional Electronics Manufacturing Recovers

As a major electronics manufacturing event, NEPCON South China 2015 is a key showcase for SMT, welding, test and measurement, electronics manufacturing automation and service products. While the South China event continues to attract leading international brand names, we are happy to see a large group of strong Chinese companies join, featuring leading concepts, positioning, and technological know-how. Hopefully, these local businesses will leverage NEPCON South China 2015 to enhance their reputations within the industry.

Of the Chinese exhibitors, a number have over 30 years of experience in the local SMT field. Some operate in the field of automation test and measurement, automatic welding, robotics and solder consumables. Many boast leading core technologies and are able to compete with international leaders. Some emerging exhibitors are proud to bring products that may well create a big impact. The presence of established brand names together with ambitious emerging players will drive healthy development in China’s electronics industry.

As of now, several hundred companies have applied to show at NEPCON South China 2015. Confirmed exhibitors include ASM, Panasonic, JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung Techwin, Mycronic, Evest and Yaxi in the SMT section; BTU, Kuerte, Rehm Thermal Systems, Langshi, Nitto Denko, Folungwin, Nihon Superior, OK International and Kuaike in soldering; Dage Electronics, Bamei, Gaoyong Technologies, Mirtec, Omron, Saikai, Juzi, Magic Ray, VISCOM, Shimadzu, and TRI in the test and measurement section; and ABB, Kuka, Stäubli, Chneeberger, Shangyin, Robo Technik, Festo, and Leisai in electronics manufacturing automation. The presence of these exhibitors will ensure a high quality experience for visitors and inject key momentum to the industry. This will boost diverse sectors along the industry chain and stimulate recovery.

High-End Consumer Electronics Lead Event, Electronics Manufacturing Industry Harbors Great Potential

Apart from the recovery of the traditional electronics manufacturing sector, the rise of advanced consumer electronics and emerging smart electronics will be key highlights at NEPCON South China 2015. In 2014, the Chinese consumer electronics industry started to really embrace the smart cloud and 4G coverage.

Today, being smart is a consumer electronics trend. Wearables, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, e-book readers, and many other smart terminals are now favorite consumer gadgets. China has surpassed the US as the world’s biggest consumer electronics market. According to the 2014 China technology-driven consumer electronics market outlook report released by GfK China, the Chinese consumer electronics market was worth RMB1.8 trillion (USD 289.9 billion) in 2014, representing a growth rate of 10%. Smart, high-end, green appliances are now market favorites. The sheer size of the market spells tremendous potential for electronics manufacturing.

To explore industry growth opportunities and innovation, NEPCON South China 2015 will be a comprehensive event covering the whole consumer electronics industry chain. It will boost Chinese creativity and global industry growth. As a one-stop platform serving a thriving consumer electronics industry, the event will feature manufacturing equipment, consumables, and solutions from leading local and international brand names. In particular, Chinese technologies will be among the highlights, including IT, smart city, green technologies, mobile communications, printed electronics, and new materials and products. The Chinese highlights will focus on emerging strategic industry sectors. The on-going industrial restructuring process will be introduced to the global audience. This is expected to provide a number of economic and social benefits.

With the rise of the German-led Industry 4.0 worldwide, the “China Manufacturing 2025” strategy will be the focus of a new wave of technological upgrades. NEPCON South China 2015 will be a high-level event that combines a wide range of offerings from fiercely competitive businesses. The event will help visitors understand industry trends and intricacies. Pre-register for NEPCON South China 2015 now for free entry. Early registrants can skip lengthy onsite queues. They also have the chance of winning an exclusive free gift at the event.

NEPCON South China 2015 Visiting Pre-registration

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Source: NEPCON

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