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As PCB Industry Thrives, Industry Leaders to Join CS Show 2015

Aug 11, 2015

A basic component of the electronic information industry chain, PCB is “the mother” of electronics products. The Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show 2015 (CS Show) will be held in Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from August 25 to August 27. It is China’s only trade show with PCB/FPC sourcing as its theme. For manufacturers and high-quality visitors who follow the development of the PCB industry, CS Show 2015 is the optimal platform to annually assess PCB products, talents, technologies and market communications. It is also ideal for finding business opportunities. The display of new products and technologies dominates the exhibition; while the attendance of numerous high profile industry leader adds color to the event.

Following Policy Development Trends and Driving PCB Industry Growth

As the electronics industry has deepened its development in Mainland China, so, too, has the PCB industry. This has been evident across the Pearl River Delta Development Zone since 1994; across the Yangtze River Delta Development Zone since 2000; across the Bohai Rim Development Zone since 2005 and across the Western Delta Development Zone created by the Central Government to promote the development of Western China since 2010.

PCB is manufactured across Mainland China and the country remains the largest PCB manufacturing site worldwide. In 2014, total global PCB output value rose to USD 57.4 billion, an increase of 2.3% year-on-year. China contributed USD 26.1 billion to that total, a year-on-year increase of 6%. This ranked the country first worldwide in terms of growth. Currently, the total value of local and foreign-funded PCB companies in China is 45.5% of the global value, i.e. almost half of the total worldwide – a clear demonstration of the obvious benefits. However, in the global PCB industry structure, although the “Made-in-China" brand bears the hope of a nation, the brand suffers from poor perceptions globally, holding a low to middle position that means the country struggles to shake the tag of merely being where “big commissions are processed”.

As the global economy slowly recovers, emerging markets like India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are progressing. In China prices of PCB raw materials continue to rise, as is the capacity for better environment protection and energy saving. “Made in China” has lost its low-cost advantage, resulting in slower development speed and inferior quality.

Another factor is that China's PCB industry mainly covers the low to middle range (dominated by double-sided and multi-layer boards), with few types of products, lack of innovation drive and a growing gap between developed and developing countries. On the basis of 2013, the output value of domestic multi-layer boards in 2014 rose 3.9%, and that of single-/double-sided boards rose 2.1%. These are mainly applied in the fields of PC, NB, communication and consumer electronics. The output value of HDI board, mainly applied in cellphones and other mobile terminal products, rose 2.1%. Despite of a rise in demand for various PCBs, the growth of flexible circuit boards and IC substrates is sluggish, still lagging behind that of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries / regions.

Due to the entry of a number of Mainland China manufacturers into the industry, competition on price has intensified, making the receipt of orders a frequent problem for PCB factories. In an ever-changing market, sellers are required to collaborate to explore new competitive advantages and link these to buyer demand. CS Show 2015 will cater to the trend of deepening national reform by reflecting the drive to build Shenzhen into a global PCB sourcing center, and by promoting the upgrade of the PCB industry from manufacturing to services. A reliable PCB sourcing information channel & platform, which attracts a comprehensive array of suppliers and high-quality buyers, will finally realize long-term development industry wide.

Strong Line-up of Exhibitors: Leading PCB Companies to Attend CS Show

As the only PCB industry platform integrating display, communication and trade, CS Show 2015 is committed to creating the most valuable cooperation platform for PCB and electronics manufacturers, to ensure a perfect presentation of diverse, innovative, environment-sensitive and intelligent PCB equipment and raw materials.

A number of industries that reflect future development trends, like consumer electronics, automobile electronics, industrial electronics, military & aerospace electronics, intelligent communication and other fields, are demanding more multi-layer, flexible, flexible-rigid hybrid, environment-friendly, low-productivity and highly customized PCB/FPC/HDI board technologies. So far, CS Show 2015 has reached agreements with multiple high-profile PCB manufacturers and already confirmed over 100 renowned PCB suppliers will take part. That figure continues to rise. The PCB manufacturers / suppliers will show off their talents and advantages during the exhibition, to present a comprehensive mix of products that will spur development in the PCB industry.

As the Taiwan-backed PCB industry has always been the cornerstone of Mainland China's electronics manufacturing, at CS Show 2015, the Taiwan-funded companies BrainPower and Zhanhua Electronic will attract widespread attention. BrainPower set up a PCB factory in Mainland China in 1996. Today, it specializes in making memory chips and OEM PCBs. Its Qingyuan factory is the world’s largest production site of memory chips and PCBs, serving nearly 60% of the global market.

Shanghai Zhanhua Electronic, also has a great reputation locally and internationally. Founded in 1997, it specializes in making multi-layer PCBs, and providing products for mobile communications and automobile electronics. It also provides high-quality products/services inside and outside China.

Of the exhibitors set for CS Show 2015, two listed companies are causing particularly high levels of excitement. Guangdong Chaohua Technology (Shenzhen Stock Exchange #002288), a national hi-tech group enterprise, works in R&D, production and sales of PCBs, copper clad laminate (CCLs) and other upstream products, including electronic copper foils, PP, wood pulp paper and printing ink. It distinguishes itself through its horizontally integrated industry chain . Another listed company, Shenzhen Fastprint Circuit Tech, also performs well as the largest design and manufacturing service supplier of PCB samples, quick prototypes and small-batch boards. It is striving to become the leading Chinese and international comprehensive solution provider of outsourced design for the complete industry chain covering PCB design, manufacturing, mounting, etc. On June 18, 2010, Fastprint was listed as an SME on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Other exhibitors also have distinctive characteristics, having accumulated extensive experience and success in their own fields. Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic is a hi-tech firm that specializes in R&D, production and sales of PCBs and high-end electronic materials. Its products include FR4 PCB, aluminum based PCB, flexible PCB, HDI board, flexible-rigid hybrid PCB and high-end electronic materials, sold to markets including Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

Bomin Electronics is a privately operated PCB maker based in South China. A national high-tech enterprise, a Shenzhen city level enterprise R&D center and a unit of Shenzhen City PCB Industry Association, Bomin mainly produces natural phenomenon PCB, aluminum-based / copper-based / HF PCBs, high-quality multi-layer thick boards and extra-long PCB.

Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology is a globally leading “multi-variety, small batch and short lead time” hi-tech PCB service supplier. It has grown into a group with three factories, thanks to its accurate market positioning and excellent corporate culture. The company’s products are mainly used in communication equipment, industrial controls, power electronics, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace, aviation and other hi-tech fields, over 70% of which are exported to Europe, the Americas, Japan, Asia-Pacific and other major regions.

Shenzhen King Brother PCB Technology was founded in 1997 and is a hi-tech enterprise, in terms of design and manufacturing capacity. It focuses on services and operates as a group of companies committed to becoming the personalized electronics & circuit networking leader worldwide. Shenzhen Suntak mainly makes special hi-end PCB samples, quick prototypes and small batch boards, focuses on CAD design, PCB assembly and testing and other one-stop services. It provides hardware integration and unique IEMS electronics manufacturing services. It is the most characteristic electronics R&D and hardware innovation service provider.

Apart from these 10 firms, CS Show 2015 will also convene a host of renowned companies that embody the strength of the “Made in China” brand. Local exhibitors and international brands compete on the same stage, lay the foundation for future electronics industry trends and spur the expansion of PCB applications.

Engage in Enriching Discussions on PCB Industry Hot Topics During the Show

Highlights of CS Show 2015

The only exhibition taking PCB/FPC sourcing as the theme in China

Shenzhen Southern China and Southeast Asia PCB sourcing center

Share 33,000 trade visitors and buyers with NEPCON South China

An optimal interaction platform for upstream & downstream supply chains and the industry across the straits

Experts Lectures on PCB

- Lecturer Bai Rongsheng

Apart from exhibitors and exhibits, Reed Exhibitions, organizers of CS Show 2015, will also invite representatives of numerous high profile companies and high-quality buyers from the PCB industry, and from academia, to lead several themed events on site. This will result in full coverage of upstream and downstream enterprises in electronics manufacturing. The activities are a great chance to learn about market trends, promote innovations and pursue trade opportunities.

Preparations for the CS Show 2015 opening ceremony are complete. The Global PCB Application Trend Forum and other events, to which senior decision-makers from internationally renowned electronics manufacturers have been invited to deliver talks and interact with the audience. This will deepen understanding and facilitate discussion of important topics closely linked with PCS manufacturers: including PCB development trends and PCB global sourcing strategies.

As specialized events must feature industry academics, the annual Shenzhen PCB Industry Development Forum will include Bai Rongsheng's Lectures on Technology, renowned across South China for a decade, as he assesses the future development directions of the PCB industry by analyzing industry status and development trends. It also enhances management standards. As a highlight of the conferences each year, Bai Rongsheng, a leading PCB industry authority and TPCA Senior Technical Advisor, will again appear on stage to give a talk on new PCB industry technologies. This is sure to be one of the show highlights.

Apart from insightful talks and intensive discussion, the organizers have also prepared a number of fun activities, including dinner and golf activities to promote networking. Representatives from renowned local and international electronics manufacturers, exhibitors, media and industry associations, will convene at the PCB & Intelligent Terminal Dinner to conduct in-depth communication, to better adapt to industry upgrades and drive development forward.

Apart from hardware facilities, additional thoughtful and individualized services are necessary for a successful sourcing trade show. The organizers of CS Show 2015 have opened up a green channel for pre-registered visitors to access the show quickly and for free. Pre-registered visitors will receive complimentary badges and exhibition materials, as well as exclusive gifts, if they come to the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on August 25.

CS Show 2015 Visiting Pre-registration

  • Hotline 86-21-2231-7011


Source: CS Show & NEPCON

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