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New Free Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

Feb 21, 2019

This online electrical troubleshooting training simulator game app, is like no other. No installation as it is browser based, which also makes it compatible with all devices and most brands.

The user starts out in the 'Explorer' mode and after completing the 6 familiarization steps, the simulator automatically unlocks the 'Skill Test' mode. After user completes the 5 faults in skill test mode, the 'Bonus' mode is unlocked. In the bonus mode, user can retake any or all of the 5 skill test as much as they like. Other simulator features can be unlocked along the way too, like the mode switch on VOM.

Simulator Modes: Explorer  ⇔ Skilltest  ⇒ Bonus

Free Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

While in the explorer mode, the user can monitor minutes spent exploring. If the user spends at least 10 minutes exploring, the user gets 20 extra points. Explorer mode is feature rich to make learning the simulator easy. In the skill test mode the user monitors True Downtime Cost® (TDC) as well as points. 

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