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  • BIN releases new free online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Game

BIN releases new free online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Game

Aug 09, 2020

Even a simple electrical circuit like this conveyor motor control circuit, can have many faults. The free online electrical simulation game is designed so you can have a little fun while practicing your troubleshooting skills.

Designed for Chrome and Edge browsers (works with Firefox too). So you can play the game on your phone’s browser, tablets, PC, Mac, even 4kTV! Of course a bigger screen than a phone is best, like tablets and computer screens.

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

Real-time volt meter readings, interactive electrical diagram, official LOTO steps, shows True Downtime Cost ™ and has FUN electrical fault scenarios!

  • Game Level 1: How to use walk through.
    • Lockout/Tagout training (LOTO)
    • Upon completion unlocks Skill Test Level
    • Max score 100
  • Game Level 2: Skill Test mode
    • Five Electrical Faults to solve
    • Also intermittent fault when the conveyor vibrates
    • Fail to do LOTO, player electrocuted, has to start game from beginning.
    • Max score 100
    • Upon completion unlocks Rando mode
  • Game Level 3: Rando mode
    • 5 Random electrical faults to solve.
    • It’s a race against the clock.
    • Max score 600
    • Upon completion unlocks all modes so user can any level, anytime!
    • Upon completion unlocks new interactive electrical diagram showing live voltages and currents

Experience the educational game yourself at  (Have fun while you learn and practice!) 

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  • BIN releases new free online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Game
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