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Denver Technology Center Area's New PLC Training Workshop

Jun 18, 2008

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Business Industrial Network Brings Together IT Personnel, and Electricians at the Denver Technology Center Area's New PLC Training Workshop

Business Industrial Network (BIN) opens a new venue for their eighth year running PLC training workshops.

Their newest location venue is Denver Colorado's acclaimed Denver Technology Center area. BIN now offers this Programmable Logic Controller training to shore-up the individual's job security, and a company's competitiveness. BIN has been filling these unique industrial training workshops every quarter for eight years plus in St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA, and now offers the course in DTC - Denver to accommodate the growing unsecured job market of the west coast states.

If an individual wants to learn about the history of PLCs, or related mathematics that you will never use on the job, they need to attend someone else's training. We only deliver knowledge you will actually use while working with PLCs. That is why our training gives customers a greater return on their training investment.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 3, 2008 -- Business Industrial Network (BIN) opens the new Denver Technology Center Area PLC workshop to better serve the growing demand for qualified PLC trained technicians, and cover west coast companies who only have a few individuals needing the PLC training. BIN's primary business is delivering on-site customized PLC training. The on-site training is customized using the customer's actual PLC program so employees learn more about the actual equipment they are using.

The demand for PLC Training has been growing partly due to the national industrial skills shortage and partly due to the evolution of the PLC technology, and the PLC being placed on networks. But the growing trend is also due to the unsure job market, individuals and consultants alike wanting to open more doors by adding PLC knowledge to their qualifications. Also the growing need to become globally competitive, companies seeking employees not just familiar with PLCs, but knowledgeable about how to use the PLC to reduce downtime and increase reliability while saving money.

PLC is short for Programmable Logic Controller, a sort of computer that is most commonly known for controlling machines in manufacturing plants. PLCs are just about in every machine, in every industry, using a language called ladder logic. PLC ladder logic mimics standard electrical wiring schematics, so electricians can easily learn how to use them. Less commonly known is that PLCs are used in farm combines, the hospital incinerator, control your city's water, traffic lights, even some tunnels and draw bridges.

PLC training has always been needed by industrial electricians, instrumentation technicians, and engineers. In past years with cross training of mechanics to the electrical field, and the need by "general maintenance" personnel, the demand for PLC training has further increased. The unique PLC training offered by BIN often attracts maintenance managers as well. Primarily because BIN's focus on safety, reliability and reducing downtime while working with PLCs in addition to the valuable information conveyed to trainees about managing PLCs in their facility.

What is relatively new to the PLC industry is the evolution of the PLC to Ethernet network communication as a standard. This is resulting in a new occupational field requiring PLC training in the Information Technology (IT) field. BIN reports a growing amount of IT personnel attending their public workshops and on-site training to get real-world hands on experience of PLCs (A device that management responsibility is being mandated to the IT department because of the device being placed on corporate networks.)

BIN states their PLC training seminars are focused towards all these industries and occupational fields. Don Fitchett, president of Business Industrial Network adds, "If an individual wants to learn about the history of PLCs, or related mathematics that you will never use on the job, they need to attend someone else's training. We only deliver knowledge you will actually use while working with PLCs. That is why our training gives customers a greater return on their training investment." Don goes on to state, "IT personnel, engineers, and electricians are mostly very bright individuals who can learn the PLC on their own. But I highly recommend they attend our training based on centuries of experience rather than learning the safety, reliability and cost saving aspects the hard way. In the first couple of hours of our PLC training, they receive money saving tips that pay for the training in full."

Don added, "As the baby boomers retire, organizations will lose much of the knowledge and industrial skills those employees gained over the years. This PLC training meets our objectives of counter-acting the negative effects by replacing what was once a 'feeling' for the process or 'guess work', on the best way to perform a task, with an exact science and knowledge."

Business Industrial Network's new DTC Denver, Colorado PLC training workshop takes place August 19-21, 2008. Please see PLC Logic Controller ( more details. If you plan on attending, please make reservations early as the Democratic Convention is being held in Denver, the week after the seminar!

About Business Industrial Network

Business Industrial Network's (BIN) core business is delivering world class onsite engineering and maintenance training, specializing in Allen Bradley equipment. With over 150 facilities for local training, BIN delivers off-site maintenance training in major cities across the United States. BIN's instructor led training offers CEUs and has been delivered to fortune 500 companies as well as military, government and city facilities since 1995. Business Industrial Network is a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau. Click for all PLC Training


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