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Becoming an Industrial Electrician

Apr 01, 2009

Smart Training Opens More Doors

Smart Training Opens More Doors

Residential Electricians Find Ready Industrial Career Pathway in Road to Becoming an Industrial Electrician.

Business Industrial Network says residential electricians can improve earning power and career prospects by becoming industrial electricians. Here's a handy tip sheet outlining a clear industrial career pathway

St. Louis, MO April 2, 2009 Business Industrial Network, a leading source for on-site engineering and maintenance training, have just posted a new article urging residential electricians to bolster earning power and greatly improve career prospects by consider careers as industrial electricians.

Whether wiring a house or wiring a plant, the basic principles are roughly the same. While some may find the industrial career pathway requires a great deal of additional training, the industry is starving for PLC technicians and maintenance workers, so the additional training is worth it. Maintenance training certificates can beef up a maintenance resume to give workers an edge in the job market.


"The more automated our industry becomes, the quicker the demand will grow. Demand will increase even more so, coupled with the fact that baby boomers are retiring," said Don Fitchett of Business Industrial Network. "Nobody is sure exactly how the recession will affect the Industrial Maintenance job field yet, but the job market for Industrial Maintenance positions will always be a great choice."

The topics residential electricians need to study to cross over to an Industrial Electrician career will also open up other non-industrial related career opportunities. For example, PLCs control most remote pump stations and water works equipment in every town and city in the USA. And working for the government with all its benefits, is looking pretty good during these current unstable economic times.

"The next step, make a plan," said Fitchett. "Once you have chosen to prepare for an Industrial Maintenance career, what training should you get so you can quickly make the transition to an Industrial Maintenance career?"

Electrical experience is very transferable from residential to industrial work. For example, if previous jobs as a Residential electrician required a state electrical license, many interviewers will see it as equivalent to Industrial Maintenance Electrician experience. Unlike mechanical tasks, electrical tasks are standardized. For example, installing a breaker is the same skill and method for both Residential Maintenance electricians and Industrial Maintenance electricians.

Still the industrial career path to becoming an Industrial Maintenance person requires training. As technology increases, so do the training needs. "What you need to know is which of those skills are most sought after by those hiring," Fitchett said. "What area within that broad field and various industries is the most sought-after skill set? I would say that would be the PLC troubleshooting skill."

What is a PLC?

Career Training:

Quick career training can greatly improve a maintenance person's resume. A prerequisite to becoming a PLC Technician is often Basic Electrician skills. Using BIN training, many Maintenance Mechanics with a little electrical knowledge have easily learned to troubleshoot using a PLC. So, at a minimum, the non-state licensed Residential Maintenance person should seek Industrial Electrician Training before PLC training.

"It would be smart for the Licensed Electrician to take some Industrial Electrician courses too," said Fitchett. "While job hunting, the licensed electrician with a certificate of PLC training in hand can be taking Industrial Electrician courses to improve job prospects and skill set."

Business Industrial Network provides skills assessment and essential retaining and pre-employment services for both job hunters and employers.

Residential electricians unsure if they have a required skill or need a refresher should use the free online assessments found at For the Employer who requires PLC knowledge for new hires, pre-qualifying them is essential for the future growth of your business. Check out the above on line PLC assessments for a free pre-employment test.

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Business Industrial Network's ( core business is delivering world class on-site engineering and maintenance training. With over 150 facilities for local training, Business Industrial Network delivers off-site maintenance training in major cities across the United States. Working closely with their partners, Business Industrial Network offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance, management, mechanical and electrical training solutions and software.


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