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ACL Staticide® Introduces Mighty Mask II

Feb 15, 2019

Mighty Mask II water soluble solder mask

Mighty Mask II water soluble solder mask

ACL Staticide® introduces a new item to its PCB, Production, Rework and Repair product line. Mighty Mask II #8692 is a high quality, washable solder mask designed for closed-loop water systems.  Used widely in electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, Mighty Mask II prevents unwanted soldering of protected areas during wave soldering.

This new product is effective for PCB washer machines in mass production and for protecting key components during conformal coating processes. It is 100 percent water-soluble and safe for plastics and metals.

Compatible with rosin flux, lead-free flux, water-soluble flux and most solvents, Mighty Mask II is available in eight-ounce squeeze bottles, 12 per case.

ACL Staticide® has been a trusted supplier to electronics manufacturers for 50 years with products for the automotive, avionics, medical device, plastics and telecommunications industries.  From highly regarded static control products designed for ESD-protected areas, to contamination control products for critical environments, to enhanced precision preparation products for PCB rework, repair and prototyping, ACL Staticide® is a worldwide leader.  Recognized for performance, quality and innovation, ACL Staticide® complies with all domestic and international standards and regulations and stands behind its pledge to deliver only the best with every product.


ACL Inc. 840 W. 49th Place, Chicago, IL 60609

847-981-9212 / 800-782-8420;;

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