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  • BPM Microsystems Continues Expansion of Sales Coverage in US Market-Adds Veteran Representative, Murray Percival Company

BPM Microsystems Continues Expansion of Sales Coverage in US Market-Adds Veteran Representative, Murray Percival Company

Aug 16, 2019

Murray Percival Jr., President of Murray Percival Company

Murray Percival Jr., President of Murray Percival Company

Michigan Based Manufacturer’s Rep Added to Channel First™ Program -- BPM Microsystems, the global leader in automated programming systems, has announced further expansion of BPM’s Channel First strategy, with a multi-state contract with the Murray Percival Company of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

According to BPM VP of Global Sales, Don McMahan, “We are very excited to add Murray Percival Company to our growing Channel First partner team. The experience they bring as a professional sales organization for almost 60 years is a great fit for the quality and legacy of the BPM programmer family. They bring deep relationships cultured over three generations of Percival’s and the proven success of a regional focused manufacturer’s representative organization that has called on many of the targeted BPM accounts since inception.”

Murray Percival Company will be the exclusive BPM Microsystems representative for the full product line of manual and automated programmers, as well as all socket sales in the Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky territories.

Murray Percival Jr., the President of Murray Percival Company, goes on to say, "Murray Percival Company is proud to be associated with such a professional outfit such as BPM Microsystems. Their technology is state of the art as well as future-proof, their sales and support staffs are second to none. Our company cultures are a perfect fit, just always do what’s right”

About BPM
BPM has delivered more fine-pitch automated programming systems than all our competitors combined. BPM sets the standard in the industry. Our latest advance is the innovative 9th Generation series of programmers. These are the fastest universal programmers supporting MCUs, FPGA, eMMC, NAND, NOR, Serial Flash memory devices and more. These programmers apply BPM Flashstream® technology, the fastest dedicated flash programmer on the market.

BPM is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and carries the CE Mark. | (855) SELL BPM

About WhisperTeach™
BPM was awarded the 2019 New Product Introduction (NPI) Award in the category of Production Software for its WhisperTeach+ solution, only available on BPWin™ software. The award was presented to BPM at the 2019 IPC APEX Show. This marks two years running to win the NPI; WhisperTeach™ won last year for automating the z-height teach. WhisperTeach+ takes it to another level by automating not just the critical z-height, but all the socket locations as well.

About Murray Percival Company
Murray Percival Company was founded in 1960, and incorporated in the state of Michigan. Percival was approached by the Electrovert Corporation, a company they still represent today, to sell printed circuit board wave soldering equipment. At that time, the use of PCBs was still relatively rare, and the foresight to enter this business was not without risk: the industry had yet to emerge. Today, circuit boards are crucial components of everyday life, used in automobiles, medical equipment, military equipment, avionics, communications, computers, appliances, and entertainment products. Electronics are ubiquitous, increasingly mobile and growing every day. 59 years ago, the Murray Percival Company was a pioneer servicing an emerging industry, one that has become a key component in the worldwide market of today's manufactured goods. The Murray Percival Company is now a leading supplier to the Midwest's electronics industry and offers literally thousands of products, many of which can be purchased directly from their website.

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