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BPM Microsystems Launches Sub-$90K Automated Programming System

Oct 23, 2019

3901 APS: The Lowest Cost APS with Vision Centering and True Universal Support

3901 APS: The Lowest Cost APS with Vision Centering and True Universal Support

Armando Garcia, BPM's Americas Account Manager, unveils the 3901 at the SMTA Guadalajara Show

Armando Garcia, BPM's Americas Account Manager, unveils the 3901 at the SMTA Guadalajara Show

BPM Microsystems launches its latest Automated Programming System (APS) today at the SMTA Guadalajara Show— the 3901. Rated at 1,088 Devices per Hour (DPH), the 3901 delivers the lowest cost of ownership in its class. Unlike other low-cost systems, the 3901 has vision centering to accurately align CSP devices, a full range of peripherals and up to 16 universal sockets to program the widest range of MCUs, Flash, eMMC, and EEPROMS at near theoretical speeds.

“Our engineering team has relentlessly focused on perfecting our 3-series to serve highly cost-sensitive users while still delivering the ease of use, feature-rich software, and quality that we are famous for,” says William White, founder and President of BPM Microsystems. “Unlike competing platforms, the 3901 offers WhisperTeachTM (automatic self-teaching for rapid setup) and universal sites that support everything from 30-year-old MCUs to the latest 256GB eMMC flash devices.” 

“The 3901 offers features and performance not previously available in an entry-level APS,” says Colin Harper, Product Manager at BPM. “We expect the system will be a great solution for customers that require an APS with low cost of ownership and the ability to add capabilities as their needs change.” 

The 3901 has WhisperTeachTM, one of BPM's award-winning exclusive features, as an option. WhisperTeachTM automatically teaches the critical Z-height with 15-micron accuracy for each pick/place location even for very small packages, saving an average of 83% of the time required for the job setup and increasing yield.

On-the-fly vision alignment is achieved with CyberOptics®, maintaining consistent speeds without sacrificing precision. While other competitive systems say their technology is “universal,” they may require different types of sites depending on the device mix. The 3901 has truly universal 9th Generation high-speed programming sites, supporting up to 16 devices programmed simultaneously, utilizing the same hardware, algorithms, and software (manual and automated systems). Vector Engine with BitBlast, standard on all BPM’s 9th Gen systems, increases the throughput for high-density eMMC devices, compared to other systems. 9th Gen Technology supports over 37,000 devices, over three times more than BPM’s closest competitor.

BPM manufactures its systems in the ISO 9001:2015 certified plant located in Houston, Texas. To discover more about the 3901, go to

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