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Panasonic Factory Solutions Opens cloud9 Manufacturing Solutions Center

Aug 01, 2016

August 1, 2016 – Buffalo Grove, IL – Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America has opened its cloud9 Innovation Center in this city to highlight its partnership with best-in-class complementary technology companies with which it works to deliver integrated, turnkey solutions for assembling a wide range of sophisticated electronics products. The Cloud9 Center highlights multiple total manufacturing line solutions combining Industry 4.0 functionality, award-winning hardware and software, and process expertise with world-class support.

“The opening of cloud9 is a game-changer for us,” explained Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America. “We have expanded our total line solutions capability and it’s now about the entire process, the entire line. We have partnered with over thirty complementary technology suppliers and brought them together in cloud9. On top of that, PanaCIM®, our enterprise-level manufacturing software, allows us to integrate the entire line and offer a single solution to our customers.”

Over 50 manufacturers attended the grand opening, experienced 12 dedicated technology demonstrations, learned about future new product and technology introductions, and attended three in-depth manufacturing technology seminars during the two-day event. “The cloud9 Innovation Center truly allows any customer to dive deep into specific applications or see everything Panasonic Factory Solutions brings to the table,” said Shawn Robinson, Sr. Surface Mount Technology Product Manager, “Even though you may not see the Panasonic name on the smart phone you use, the electric vehicle  you drive, or the TV you watch, Panasonic manufacturing equipment and software is critical for countless manufacturers in the US and around the world in assembling the products that consumers enjoy every day.”

“Manufacturers are moving out of the dark ages and recognizing the benefits of an integrated production floor,” commented Ben Khoshnood, President of material handling equipment supplier Inovaxe. “Connected Factories, like the emulation within cloud9, are the future. We are proud to partner with Panasonic which features our award-winning Inovaxe InoAuto intelligent smart carts within cloud9. Guests at the recent unveiling event were able to see how integrated material management will improve changeover, reduce costs, and enhance material movement within a connected factory.”

Panasonic chose cloud9 as the name for the Buffalo Grove, IL-based Innovation Center to reflect its mission to provide manufacturing customers with the utmost in satisfaction and reliability through seamless cloud-based IoT manufacturing connectivity. “PanaCIM integration raises the visibility of every process in the entire factory and reduces a manufacturer’s total investment, pain points, and management burdens significantly”, added Mr. Pandit, “The future of PanaCIM is all about connectivity, and cloud9 will be a huge value-add for our customers over the long run.”

Experience cloud9:

Learn more about Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America at


About Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, a North American source for electronic assembly equipment (SMT), software, and technical support, provides total business systems solutions for electronic semiconductor and packaging companies in the global marketplace through one provider. The company is a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation.

For additional information:
Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, 1701 Golf Road, Suite 3-1200, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.  +1.847.637.9600

Editorial Contact

Jeff Malek (Media Relations)       +1.847.637.9600

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