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  • Machine Vision Products Demonstrates Diverse Inspection Toolbox for 3D AOI, Microelectronics and Packaging on the MVP 850 Platform AOI at Productronica

Machine Vision Products Demonstrates Diverse Inspection Toolbox for 3D AOI, Microelectronics and Packaging on the MVP 850 Platform AOI at Productronica

Nov 04, 2015

MVP 850 Platform

MVP 850 Platform

Carlsbad, CA – November 5: Machine Vision Products today announced it would be demonstrating a wide variety of SMT and Microelectonics applications at the Productronica 2015 exhibition. The exhibition is at Messe München in Munich from November 10th to 13th 2015. Machine Vision Products are exhibiting on Booth 270 in Hall A2.

MVP continues to add to a diverse inspection toolbox providing the highest quality inspection capabilities for multiple locations in SMT, Microelectronics and packaging lines

Total Solutions Provider

MVP are advanced AOI experts and a total solutions provider with over 20 years of implementation of end-to-end innovative inspection solutions within SMT, Microelectronics and Packaging for industries such as automotive, telecoms, commercial, medical and military.

MVP is also a supplier of advanced data analysis, image archiving and process control tools solutions encompassing big data in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0.

MVP is to demonstrate several SMT and Microelectronics applications at Productronica including Die and Wire Inspection, 3D AOI inspection as well as demonstrating the capabilities of Big Data analysis with AutoNetworker Web Reporting, Image Archiving and Dynamic Process Control technologies.

SMT, 3D AOI, Microelectronics and Packaging Applications

MVP will be demonstrating the basic 850 platform which is flexible for multiple Microelectronics and Packaging products. The 850 platform will be equipped with MVP’s advanced 3D AOI technology to demonstrate SMT applications. The MVP approach to 3D AOI utilizes the combination of both 2D and 3D AOI technologies bringing the advantages of high speed and superior defect coverage for complex defects. MVP’s advanced software tools are the key to taking advantage of each of the sensors. Combined with MVP’s ease of use software utilities ePro and Validate, it is now possible to attain the highest levels of defect coverage with MVP’s latest suite of inspection utilities.

The 850 platform available configurations include the MVP 850 DWMS (Die Wire Metrology System), which is configured with MVP’s integrated leadframe magazine loaders. Additional options for additional ink marking, wire ripping or leadframe puncher capabilities within its review/defect handling stage.

For BGA inspection MVP provide the 850 XB configuration which includes advanced electro-optics and Jedec tray handling solutions. For Metrology based applications MVP offer the 850 XHD. MVP’s 850 XHD provides the highest accuracy flip-chip, Die assembly inspection.

The 850 platform integrates MVP’s easy-to-use programming tools and analytical process control tools. This convergence of technology from MVP delivers the best available combination of defect detection capabilities, metrology, process control and speed at a low cost of ownership.

Advance Data Analysis, Traceability Products and Image Archiving

MVP will be demonstrating its AutoNetworker, a centralized database with the flexibility to be configured for a host of data mining options. For SMT and Microelectronics, both measurement and pass/fail data can be stored for every product, from every lot or work order and scalable dependent on the customer’s requirements.  Data can be retained based on a customer’s own requirements from short term to endless data collection.

AutoNetworker is a valuable tool designed with the ability to quickly create reports for quality managers, operation managers and process engineers via a web-based interface accessible from any intranet location.

A significant new development to be demonstrated by MVP is the new Image Archiving capability of the AutoNetworker. Providing the ability to save every defect image detected by multiple AOI machines MVP now provide a scalable solution for Image Archiving, For critical processes where quality is of critical nature the ability to provide visual traceability as well as data traceability is essential. MVP now delivers that capability.

About MVP

MVP continues be a leader and innovator in the global inspection arena by developing all of their product offerings. This provides a much better cost structure to the end user. Additionally, because all development is performed in-house, the support structure is second to none. With over 20 years of leadership, MVP is taking multiple steps to continue to provide the overall lowest cost of ownership when compare to any competitor globally. For additional information on this unique solution, please visit us at  or visit us at Booth 270, Hall A2 at Productronica 2015 where we can discuss your application requirements.

For further information contact:


Phone:   +1-760-438-1138


Phone: +44-1383-629960

About Machine Vision Products, Inc.

Machine Vision Products is a market innovator and leader in imaging technologies for Surface Mount, Microelectronics and Packaging Technologies. Machine Vision Products provide solutions for both commercial and military applications. Machine Vision Products operate globally with direct operations in the US, China, Malaysia and the UK, with additional representation in countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. 

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  • Machine Vision Products Demonstrates Diverse Inspection Toolbox for 3D AOI, Microelectronics and Packaging on the MVP 850 Platform AOI at Productronica
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