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  • Introducing MVP’s Versa, a New Cross Process - High Performance AOI/SPI solution

Introducing MVP’s Versa, a New Cross Process - High Performance AOI/SPI solution

Feb 03, 2020

MVP Versa

MVP Versa

Building on MVP’s 25 years’ experience of innovative Automated Optical Inspection the Versa system brings the latest 3D technologies to MVPs SMT and SPI offerings and is a significant advance in the flexibility of PCB assembly inspection.

Uniquely, MVP’s Versa system allows fast programming and the flexibility to fit into all the processes in the line: Paste Inspection, Pre-Reflow, Post-Reflow, Post-Wave and Selective Solder.

The Versa system, is the first introduction in a new series of MVP 3D AOI products distinguished by: high-performance defect detection, lowest over-rejection and a low cost of ownership. With the enhanced 3D capabilities, the Versa maintains MVP’s flagship process flexibility and scalability.

Cultivating on our expertise in defect detection for SMT and microelectronics inspection, MVP’s Versa allows for versatile program strategies in a single software toolset.

Using MVP’s ease-of-use ePro software guides you through the program generation process allowing for each inspection strategy to be developed quickly and automatically.

Import capabilities include Gerber, ODB++ and a variety of other formats. Combined with MVP’s leading-edge optimization tools for high performance and minimized over rejection, ease-of-use and rapid programming has been a paramount objective for our latest software suite. 

Designed with future technology trends in mind, Versa’s 3D and optical capabilities provide high accuracy measurement capabilities for all current and future paste and SMT inspection. The Versa has multiple 3D options for even the most complex of inspection challenges

Using standard software and hardware across the Versa’s cross-process capability allows you to reduced support costs as you only need to provide support and training for a single platform vs. multiple different system. MVP’s leading reliability allows you to obtain the highest performance and uptime from your investments.

Please visit MVP at IPC Apex 2020 at booth 1800 to see and have a demonstration of our latest SMT and Microelectronics Inspection Solutions.

About MVP

MVP continues be a leader and innovator in the global inspection arena by developing all of their product offerings. This provides a much better cost structure to the end user. Additionally, because all development is performed in-house, the support structure is second to none. With 25 years of leadership, MVP is taking multiple steps to continue to provide the overall lowest cost of ownership when compare to any competitor globally. For additional information on this unique solution, please visit us at 

For further information contact:


Phone: +1-760-438-1138

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