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  • UVLED application burst buffer period, the urgent matter of the moment is to start the technical war

UVLED application burst buffer period, the urgent matter of the moment is to start the technical war

Dec 16, 2019

In recent years, as a subdivision of the LED industry, UV LED industry has developed in full swing.

In 2019, the UV LED industry is in the buffer phase of application explosion, and the most urgent task for relevant companies is to launch the technology war, in order to capture as many places as possible before the real market explosion.

Policy to promote capital layout UV LED

In 2015, LED industry overcapacity LED to price war, invalid capacity began to withdraw from the market.

In this market context, the national "13th five-year plan" (2016-2020) proposed that the LED industry should no longer be included in the cultivation industry and subsidies should be cancelled, so that the knockout competition of the LED industry entered into a white heat.

Affected by this, LED enterprises with strength and vision have turned to UV LED and other niche market segments to seek new industry growth points and higher profit living space.

Meanwhile, the minamata convention on mercury, which came into force in 2017, requires states parties to ban the production, import and export of mercury-containing products from 2020.

This policy accelerated the traditional mercury lamp enterprises have been switched to UV LED.

The global UVLED market will grow to $320 million in 2020 and $1 billion in 2023, according to market analyst Yole Development.

In view of the huge market imagination space, capital continued to carry out strategic layout.

In 2015, Seoul semiconductor, an international giant, bought up to 50% of SETi's shares, and China yuanrong optoelectronics bought 85.61% of Qingdao jiesheng's shares for 109 million yuan.

On November 6, 2019, tianjin jiuri new materials successfully launched the science and innovation board, the first in the UV LED curing industry.

The application market is waiting to explode, and uv-c LED will become the new driving force

The explosion of UV LED market value will eventually lead to the explosion of the downstream application market.

According to the semi-annual report of China's home appliance industry in 2019, the retail sales of domestic home appliances in the first half of 2019 totaled 412.5 billion yuan.

Industry insiders speculate that if UV leds can penetrate 5% of white goods applications, they could reach a market size of tens of billions of dollars.

But in fact, if more categories of uv-led applications are innovated and scaled up, the value of the industry will grow exponentially, reaching hundreds of billions of dollars.

UV LED is A kind of LED that can emit different wavelengths of UV at 200nm-400nm. Currently, uv-a LED (wavelength 320-400nm) is mainly used for curing and drying applications, occupying at least half of the whole UV LED industry.

Uv-c LED (wavelength 200-280nm) is mainly used for sterilization, disinfection and purification applications, and is expected to become a new driving force in the UV LED market in the future.

At present, uv-c LED technology is still to be broken through, and the quotation fluctuates greatly according to product quality, life, reliability and other factors.

Breakthrough technical bottleneck, vacuum welding to improve reliability

Although the UV LED application market imagination space is huge, but is still in the pre-explosion buffer period, has not entered the large-scale application of the production period.

Once the application demand accelerates to expand, the market enters the large-scale production period, the price is bound to decrease.

Then the market will enter the price war, UV LED industry will also enter the reshuffle period, survival of the fittest, capacity optimization.

At present, UV LED industry is far from entering the large-scale outbreak period, the biggest obstacle lies in the technical bottleneck.

Whoever has mastered the core technology and broken through the technical bottleneck will be able to seize the development opportunity.

In order to meet the large-scale realization of UV LED application scenarios, the current industry to vigorously develop high-power UV LED chips.

The power is big, the calorific value nature is big, to the package heat dissipation ability request is high.

Only by improving the cooling capacity can the UV LED modules and application solutions be replicated at scale to maximize reliability.

Similarly, the life of UV LED chip itself also has a very important relationship with the temperature, no matter how good the package is, the heat dissipation is not good, but also can not prevent the fast decay of UV LED chip life.

UV LED lamp bead and substrate welding quality, determines whether the heat inside the chip can be effectively derived.

The evaluation index of welding quality is void rate.

The smaller the void rate, the better the heat dissipation, the larger the void rate, the worse the heat dissipation.

It is understood that most domestic packaging enterprises are still using common reflow welding technology.

The cavity rate of UV LED chip welded by ordinary reflow welding oven is up to about 30% 

In view of the above problems, some leading enterprises in the UV LED industry have switched to vacuum welding technology, which has greatly reduced the void rate of UV LED chip welding and effectively improved the reliability.

It is understood that Beijing TORCH specially developed a special vacuum welding oven for UV LED, that is, a vacuum reflow oven specially applied to the welding of UV LED chips and modules, which can completely replace the imported vacuum welding oven..

Using the UV LED vacuum welding oven, the vacuum rate of UV LED chip welding can be controlled below 3%.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the special vacuum reflow oven of UV LED of TORCH is specially optimized for UV LED products.

UV LED chip in the use of the process, its energy is emitted through the brightness.

Other welding processes will damage the surface and affect the luminescence.

And TORCH vacuum reflow oven, absolutely will not damage the UV LED lighting brightness, to ensure the complete release of energy.

In short, at the time of packaging design, must carry on the thermal design, let the lamp bead fever spread out fully, this lamp bead fever especially high-power lamp bead light failure caused by fever, oxidation, heat bilges cold shrink, pad metal layer peeling failure, solder aging problem can be resolved, such as to ensure UVLED life and reliability of products.

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