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YINCAE's New SMT 158N Series withstanding -273°C

Feb 24, 2021

(Albany, NY) February 24, 2021 YINCAE is excited to announce that we have developed SMT 158N series, including a non-flow, low temperature slow cure and high purity liquid epoxy underfill and capillary underfill encapsulant.

Due to its unique properties, SMT 158N series has a high viscosity and can be used as a dam material, corner bond, edge bond or as an encapsulant. Furthermore, the SMT 158N has lap shear and pull strength, and a thermal cycling performance that is significantly greater than that of the leading competitors’ underfills. The SMT 158N can withstand extreme temperatures ( -273°C), and still outperform current competitor products on the market. This not only has extraordinary implications for the use of SMT 158N but indicates the broad range of uses it potentially has across current industries.

This material can be used for flip chip, wafer-level chip scale package application. While also suitable for bare chip protection in a variety of advanced packages such as memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits and multi-chip modules.

 It is designed for high production and an environment where process speed and reliability are the key concerns. This material is easily dispensed, minimizes induced stresses, provides outstanding reliability performance (e.g. temperature cycling performance), and excellent mechanical resistance.

For more information on YINCAE’s SMT 158N series underfill, or to learn more about the YINCAE product range, please email us at: You can also find more information by visiting our website at:                                                                       

Founded in 2005 & headquartered in Albany, New York, YINCAE Advanced Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance coatings, adhesives and electronic materials used in the microchip & optoelectronic devices. YINCAE products provide new technologies to support manufacturing processes from wafer level, to package level, to board level and final devices while facilitating smarter and faster production and supporting green initiatives.


   The YINCAE brand name and logo are trademarks of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC.

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