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  • Ryder’s 2015 Clean Tech Results Are In: Significant Savings in Water, Smog and Electricity

Ryder’s 2015 Clean Tech Results Are In: Significant Savings in Water, Smog and Electricity

May 16, 2016

Ryder Industries Ltd, the Swiss-owned EMS provider with manufacturing facilities in China, today released the results from its Clean Tech 2015. Ryder’s new plant in China saved:

  • 1.3GWh of electricity (a nuclear power generation plant running at full power takes an hour to generate this)

  • 1,500 tons of smog-gas (equivalent to a fleet of 75 twenty-ton shipping containers)

  • 11,000 tons of water (that’s enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools)

Ryder is excited about these results and sees them as both a win for the environment and a win for Ryder’s (and its customers’) profitability.

Environmental Impact

Air pollution is a major issue and poses a threat to public health. Ryder’s smog-gas (CO2, SOx, and NOx) saving figures are significant. These savings were produced by efficiency gains:

  • Ryder has a comprehensive and innovative Ground Source climate control system.

  • Ryder uses Solar Energy for electricity and hot water.

Ryder’s savings in this area are remarkable and are conservative because they do not claim credit for passive measures like thermal barriers.

Pressure on water resources impacts our social and economic well-being. Ryder’s innovative and sustainable use of water reduces pressure on the local infrastructure. Ryder harvests rain water campus-wide, runs its own underground water reservoirs and a campus water recycling plant to reuse shower water for flushing.

Commercial Impact

Embedding sustainability into Ryder’s business strategy and management is key to improving its resilience and boosting its competitive advantage.

Ryder is committed to this and has invested accordingly: the total length of the underground pipes in Ryder’s Ground Source system is 146km (91 miles) – that would cross the Florida Straits to Cuba.

Already this considerable investment is paying off for Ryder: even after depreciation, its clean tech investment is profitable, and this is only set to grow as its new Xinfeng plant scales up.

With the talented skill set at Ryder’s disposal, from its designers, to its engineers, Ryder was determined to derive the maximum benefit possible from clean tech. Their recent results are the proof of this, and are an exciting example of how a successful company using it skill and technology can benefit both its community and its shareholders.

Ryder is a pure EMS company which provides one-stop EMS service. It has more than 37 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic products. It provides full turnkey engineering services in mechanical and electronic design as well as software and firmware programming. For more information, visit

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