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Gen3 provides key tools for electric vehicles

Mar 23, 2022

Gen3 AutoCAF2+ System

Gen3 AutoCAF2+ System

UK Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the electronics industry, GEN3 is working overtime to produce enough of its systems to meet the rapidly growing demand for both their AutoSIR2+ and AutoCAF2+ Systems. 

The explosion in electric vehicles has seen massive increases in the electronic drive train that has put significant stresses on circuit boards. Failure by CAF and other high voltage mechanisms are now of key concern. The AutoCAF is the perfect instrument to characterise and provide objective evidence validating key electronic material choices. 

GEN3 have been globally testing and measuring the electronics industry for over 40 years.  With a reputation for precision in excellence, they have become the ‘go-to’ company for all sizes of Original Electronic Makers (OEMs) to ensure perfection in performance and reliability.

Customer demand for their AutoCAF2+ system has seen a year’s worth of orders placed over a 4-month period, and this is only to increase as the year progresses. Our newly expanding team have been successful in meeting this sudden upsurge in demand. 

Andy Naisbitt, CEO of Gen3 commented “We continue to work alongside our customers in ensuring their products meet the standards that the industry sets.  We are pleased that our system is selected and have been acknowledged as the ‘go to’ system Worldwide.” 

CAF, or sub-surface electro-chemical migration, is a serious challenge in the development and design of printed circuit boards especially in the newly evolving e-mobility market. Early detection of possible CAF formation during the development of printed circuit boards can minimize safety risks and reduce the cost of failures in service.

CAF testing for Electric Vehicle technology is now running at up to 4000V for over 4000 hours. 


Conductive Anodic Filament Testing 

The AutoCAF2 system represents a dramatic improvement over existing CAF test alternatives, and its shielded precision electronics allows state-of-the-art accuracy resistance measurements to be made up to 1014 Ω.

About GEN3

GEN3. Testing and measuring the electronics industry for over 40 years.  For three generations, Gen3 have designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed their test and measurement equipment into the electronics industry to shield their clients from failure in the field.

Their reputation for excellence has grown to a global scale. The team is made up of industry experts who work to set the standards around circuit testing, measurement, and compliance.  They collaborate with key industry associations, offering our unique experience and expertise to educate all on what it takes to succeed.  For product protection, the preferred way is GEN3, where precision comes as standard, acting as a mentor and your front-line defender. 

In the high-reliability arena, there is too much at stake to allow room for error. Testing must be finite and flawless. GEN3 understand the need for precision. Get closer to perfection by minimising your risk. 

GEN3. Precision as Standard.

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Twitter: @Gen3Systems


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Gen3 provides key tools for electric vehicles

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